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Tommy's Story (Sequel to Soldier) by AKM Miles

Tommy's Story (Sequel to Soldier)


Tommy Marsh lived a good life. Now. He felt like he’d gone from hell to heaven throughout his lifetime. The first twelve years were hell on earth and the last nine had more than made up for it. He was living alone, sort of, in an apartment that was part of the Scarcity Sanctuary, built and run by Soldier Marsh and Dillon Kramer. In the years since he’d been adopted by Soldier, he had gone to school to become a counselor with extensive psychology training. He worked with abused children, just like he’d once been. He was happy doing the work he did and was proud of the progress he’d made.

There was something missing, though. He wanted a relationship like the one he’d seen every day for the last nine years. He wanted to be part of a loving couple who shared life and love and passion. And he wanted it with Daniel Anderson. He’d come to love Daniel over the last couple of years, working closely with him in their shared profession. But Tommy was afraid his past would interfere with the future he wanted. A traumatic event sets things in motion and he’s forced to admit his feelings and face his fears. Will Daniel’s love be enough to get him through? What do you want to bet?


He thought a minute and decided that a dose of the unconditional love and acceptance from next door was just what he needed right now. He walked back out of the kitchen, slipped back into his shoes, and headed over the connecting arch to the main building of the Scarcity Sanctuary Complex.

As soon as he opened the door, he was bombarded with both memories and a feeling of peace. This place, and the directors here, his two dads, he thought with pride, had turned his life around when he was twelve years old. Up ’til then, his life had been a living hell. Verbally, physically, and sexually abused by his mother and her male friends for years, he'd been in need of the kind of love and acceptance offered by Soldier and Dillon. They'd known not to force him into feelings he wasn't ready for yet. They'd steadily earned his trust and his love by giving him those very things.

"Soldier? Dillon? Anybody here?" Dumb question. There was always someone here. Tommy could smell something good, so supper was almost ready, but usually there was a lot of noise and talking and laughing, movement and confusion. Things were almost eerily quiet. He walked through the hallways, through classrooms, the dining room, the great room, and finally heard voices coming from the conference room. At this time of the evening? What was going on?

The door wasn't closed, so he walked in and started to say, "Hey guys, what's…?" That was as far as he got. Soldier, Dillon, and Daniel were sitting at the far end of the conference table. Daniel's head was down on the table, resting on his hands. Tommy hurried forward.

"What's happened? Where's Gom? Is something wrong?" He asked because usually where you found Soldier and Dillon, you'd find Gom. Gosh, Gom was seventeen now, Tommy figured, as he was twenty-one.

Daniel looked up, and there was anguish on his face, and tears ran unchecked down his face. Tommy wasn't sure he'd ever seen Daniel Anderson cry before. He'd known Daniel longer than he'd known the guys here. Daniel had been the one in the social services system who had arranged for him to live with Dillon to begin with. Then Soldier came along and… well, that was another story. Tommy found himself hurrying to Daniel's side, reaching out a hand to touch his shoulder.

"Tell me. I can see it's bad. It's not Gom is it? He's okay?" Tommy was closer to Gom than any of the other boys who'd grown up here. The boy worshipped him, and Tommy was just as proud of the young man that Gom was turning into these days. His brother was a great kid. He should have been here.

"Soldier, Dillon, come on." Tommy looked from one to the other, his hand still on Daniel's shoulder, absently rubbing, petting. Tommy wasn't even really aware of the comforting caresses he bestowed on the man he'd been secretly in love with for over two years now. It was just too complicated for words, but he couldn't stand seeing Daniel upset and no one was talking!

"Gom's been in an accident, Tommy. We've been waiting for you to get here. If we hadn’t heard you come in we were getting ready to call you," Soldier began, his voice husky with… something. Tommy couldn't tell if it was fear or anger.

"So, why are you all here? Why aren't you at the hospital? Is he hurt badly? I have to go…"

"He's here, in his room. Wait. Tommy, wait. He needs a little bit more time before he sees you."

Tommy dropped into a chair. It never occurred to him to go against Soldier's word. Soldier always knew what each of them needed at any time.

***love is love***

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