Saturday, January 9, 2010

Take it Easy by AKM Miles

Take It EASY


When Easy meets Mano, a runaway in trouble, at his mother’s truck stop in Nashville, he falls hard and fast. The feeling is mutual. They are as different as night and day, but they sure experience a strong attraction. But happy endings don’t come that easy, if you’ll pardon the pun. While Easy is out on the road, Mano is arrested for murder and taken back to Tampa. Mano is in shock, knowing he didn’t do it, but unable to figure out how to prove it.

How these two men work together to prove Mano’s innocence is a thrilling ride. Easy has to get down there, find Mano, prove who did do it, and protect Mano and his mother at the same time. And, of course, the ones who did do the crime are working just as hard to make sure Mano is set up for it. Love is wonderful, exciting, fulfilling, and sexy, but is it enough to keep Mano out of prison for murder?


Easy found his tiredness disappearing as he neared the exit closest to Mama Sasy’s. He’d had little sleep last night due to more erotic dreams of Manolito Nandoza.

Never being one to let a little loss of sleep slow him down, Easy had put in a long day, driving, loading, unloading, and more driving.

He was ready to walk around a little, see Mama and Boddy, and Mano. See Mano. Take Mano for a little walk, maybe out behind the warehouse where they could pick up where they left off, and he could make good on the promise of a kiss that would make a lasting impression. That thought had him smiling as he geared down for the exit. Soon, baby, soon.

Thoughts of Mano had filled Easy’s mind as he’d gone about his business, and he was anxious to see if things would progress. Lord knew, he hoped so. He’d never been so interested in someone before. Those few forgettable moments in the past with strangers on the road had not left him with any kind of good feelings.

Easy had always wanted to know what it was like to kiss someone, like for a long time. Just take his time and let it grow and change, to lick and nibble and tease. He figured it sounded a little too girly to think about that, but he’d never experienced it. Kisses were not something you shared with someone you were just fucking quickly for relief before driving off. He wanted emotions and intensity. Oh, he wanted sex, too, really good, long, hard sex. But the idea of having sex with someone he really cared for had his heart pounding as he saw that bright rainbow sign ahead.

It wasn’t hard to admit he already cared for Manolito. He’d call him Mano when around others and keep Manolito for himself. His little man. Easy was surprised at the depth of feeling he had after only a small amount of time. He was about to remedy that. Easy had no trouble admitting he was anxious to increase the time spent with Mano from a little to a whole hell of a lot!

Pulling the truck around the back of the building, he began the task of settling it in. Anxious to see Mano, he was hurrying through the shut-down routine when he nearly jumped out of his skin at the face that suddenly appeared in the window beside his left arm. Mano!

He lowered the window and smiled at the eager face of his dream lover.


“Hey, you. I was watching for you,” Mano said.

“Yeah?” Easy didn’t seem to be able to get past one word responses. He tried harder. “Been waitin’, huh?”

“Yep. I don’t have long since it’s almost time for the supper rush, but I saw you pull around and wanted to say hi privately. I wish…” Mano paused, looking in at Easy.

“You wish what? Don’t be shy now. Let’s see if it’s what I’ve been wishing for since I left here.” Say it, he begged in his heart, say it for me, Manolito.

“I wish I could have that kiss you told me about when you left. I haven’t thought about much else.” Easy admired the courage that took as he watched the blush cover Mano’s neck and then his face.

“Hop down so I can get this door open.” Easy had pulled quite close to the back side of his apartment this time. On purpose? Hell, yes, just for this.

Mano jumped down. Easy finished the steps necessary in shutting down the truck, and stepped down, slamming his door. He turned to find Mano had backed up to the wall and stood, waiting. As he looked at him, Mano’s arms lifted just a little, but the invitation was obvious. He walked right into those arms, bending to take Mano’s mouth with his.

Oh, Easy needed hours, days, to get his fill. As much as he wanted to press Mano into the building and take and suck and grind, get as much feeling as possible all at once, he made himself take his time. This was their first real kiss and he wanted to be able to remember it with joy. He relished the feeling of Mano reaching up to clasp him around the shoulders, knowing Mano had to be up on his toes to do it.

He took his mouth from Mano’s to say, “Up,” as he tightened his arms and lifted. Mano gave a little hop, his legs wrapping around Easy’s waist and his back resting on the wall behind him. Oh, now, this had definite possibilities.

***love is love***

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