Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sexy Is Never Ignored by Destiny Blaine

Sexy is Never Ignored
Sports Wives Three


He is Sports and Entertainment World's Man of the Year. She is the woman lucky enough to marry the highest paid quarterback in the history of the Professional Football Confederacy, but Cassie Teller's luck doesn't stop there.


Corby raised his glass and slowly tilted the rim in my direction. Our eyes held in a fixated trance across the crowded room. He brought the champagne flute to his lips ready to drink in the celebration.
He sipped and… he missed. Sometimes irony has peculiar timing.
I love two men. One took my virginity and the other is my husband, professional football player, Corby Teller. He’s responsible, in a sense, for the mass confusion in my personal life.
Thanks to Corby’s single-handed manipulation, Steve now lives with us. He’s the one who snatched my purity and claimed bragging rights many years ago. Yes, it’s an unconventional, if not kinky, arrangement. If some of the people I sit alongside tonight even suspected, they’d toss me out on my skinny ass. Instead, they shower kisses on my cheeks and fill my ears with compliments.
These are the same people who slandered my name only months earlier. The same men who wanted to grope me whenever they thought my husband and their wives looked the other way.
Before Steve moved in, the tabloids dubbed me the gold digger, an adulteress, a siren. Corby remains unscathed to this day. If the press only knew the truth. Of course, I’m not breathing a word to anyone. One slip in these circles and a couple can kiss multi-million dollar careers good-bye. I have a stiff upper lip and the truth is, I’m somewhat amused. Somehow our private lives have gone unnoticed.
If the public knew more about our private lives, and our intimate arrangement, the name-calling would gain some momentum. Tonight, at least for the moment, Corby Teller—my husband—is Sports and Entertainment World’s Man of the Year.
The silent toast in my direction is symbolic. We’ve made it. We’ve arrived. We are the Tellers. The champagne spilled will go unnoticed but my very public affair never will. Because Corby Teller is Corby Teller, our threesome will never leak to the public, even if a reporter suspects it. Corby is flawless even with slight imperfections. People love him enough to look the other way.
Corby’s beautiful green eyes carry me to the edge of escape and then lock me into a wager of sorts. Down deep, he knows he deserves everything he’s receiving and at the same time, nothing at all. At least, not on this magnitude, most of those voting on Man of the Year might agree.
My name is Cassie Teller. My story is one few will ever believe, but most would move closer just to listen.

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