Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winning Virgin Love by Destiny Blaine

Winning Virgin Love Blurb:

It's time for another vampire bride and three sexy-hot rogues are ready to give one beautiful vixen an erotic ceremony she'll never forget.

Winning Virgin Love Excerpt:

A hungry mouth tore across her lips and cheek before moving to her neck. Damnation, she didn’t fight it and he didn’t care if she tried. He’d heard her feisty little threats, and didn’t give a shit if she wanted to be angry. She could be mad until the elders called another Summit meeting for all he cared. He ached for her and just kissing her right then healed him. It soothed the hole in his heart, the one she left vacated whenever she wasn’t at his side.

Pulling away from him, she warned, “Stop. Stop it now!” She didn’t need the daggers she wanted to pierce through his body once she used her pupils for the same intended purposes.

A hand rested on her hip and her eyes blazed with a sexy-hot rage. Oh yeah, it burned hell-hot. “I can’t imagine what you would want with a whore like me.”

“Oh that promiscuous comment kind of pissed you off, I see.” He swept in for another kiss and came up short of stealing her lips. “Let’s forget about it.”

Her hands flew against his chest. “What did you and Darian do, gamble for me? Hmmm? That’s it, isn’t it? You sat down and played cards just for me. What were the stakes? A fuck for life?” Her skin turned redder with each sentence. Every question she asked seemed to anger her all the more.

“You want to know what the stakes were?” He moved into her fast and secured her arms in front of her. “This.” His lips slanted over hers. She tried to break free, turn her head one way or another but he followed her with a hungry mouth and tongue. Finally, he gave up. He continued to hold her arms out in front of her, one hand clasped around both tiny wrists.

They were practically nose to nose. Tempers challenged and fueled the mental animosity as much as the lingering sexual energy.

“You suck.” The words almost inspired a smirk.

“Not yet.” He grinned. “But I will.”

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