Wednesday, June 24, 2009



by G.A. Hauser


Loose cannons make life interesting—until they blow up in your face.

Action! Book 4

For once, things are going well for Mark Antonius Richfield. His career is fulfilling. The love of his life, Steve Miller, and best friends Jack and Adam round out his personal life to the fullest. What could possibly go wrong?

Enter eighteen-year-old Alexander Lehman. A member of “Generation seX”—with a voracious appetite for older men.

At first Mark doesn’t notice anything unusual, but Steve sees instantly that the young man could be Mark’s clone. The reason? Mark has an illegitimate son, as sensual, gorgeous, and mischievous as himself. With the same penchant for causing trouble.

As Mark takes a crash course in parenthood, the newcomer’s roving eye lands on Steve, who finds himself lusting after a younger version of the hot hunk he fell in love with.

All Mark can see in this complicated, age-before-beauty contest, he’s the one in danger of coming out the loser…

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