Tuesday, June 30, 2009

By Lex Valentine

Coming mid-July from Freya’s Bower
Werewolf Ranulf Verlaine meets vampire Dante Allerton on a train bound for Paris. Overwhelmed by desire, the couple let their senses take over and before the train ride is through, they've become mates. Ran must break free of the pack that his twin brother rules while Dante cuts the controlling ties of her two older brothers. The two must quickly deal with the burdens of their pasts in order to run toward the promise of a future together.
“Dante is an unusual name for a woman,” he remarked, his incredible eyes flickering as his gaze slid over her body, making her burn even hotter.
“In school, all the boys wanted to touch my inferno,” she joked softly, her voice tight with lust.
She tossed back her hair and a slow smile curved his lush mouth as he watched the movement. He rubbed one hand over his stubbly jaw. “Oh, I’ll bet they did,” he murmured, his tone becoming seductive.
His nostrils flared and she knew that his highly developed werewolf sense of smell had scented her arousal. Not that she wanted to hide it from him. He aroused her and the opportunity he presented would not be wasted.
“Would you like to join me in my compartment? Maybe you’d like to see if you can withstand the heat,” Dante told him boldly. Fleetingly, she wondered at her audacity. Acting the seductress felt awkward, but she hadn’t ever wanted a man this much before. When she’d first seen him across the aisle at dinner, her preternatural awareness had pinged. Now, standing so close to him that she could feel the heat of his body, that same awareness pinged so hard it was off the Richter scale. Such a fierce, instantaneous reaction told her instinctively that she needed to claim him for her own even if that meant kicking her usual self-doubt in the ass.
She breathed in Ranulf’s scent again. Her body officially raged out of control. In fact, her vampire senses had completely run away with her and there was no hope to put anything back the way it had been before Ranulf had touched her.
“It would be... will be… my pleasure.” Ranulf put his hand beneath her elbow, and she led the way to her compartment.
The possessive gesture ratcheted up her desire. Every time his lean body brushed hers in the tight quarters of the train, flames of desire licked at her. They stepped aside once to let several passengers pass and Ranulf put his arm possessively around her shoulders, drawing her back against the heat of his body. She ached to shove him onto a nearby seat, straddle his thighs, and sink down onto his hard cock. She burned with sexual heat. Never had she felt such need for a man. She had no experience with instantaneous, white hot lust. And even worse, she had an inexplicable emotional connection to him telling her he felt the same.
At her door, she slipped the keycard in and the lock slid open. The little cabin had a proper bed, albeit a small one and not much bigger than a twin bed. Dante didn’t think the size would pose much of a problem for them. Her eyes flicked to the travel clock. Six hours to Paris. Would it be enough to quench the raging thirst she had for him?
She turned, her body brushing his. He slipped out of his jacket, tossing it onto the chair. His hands came up, sliding along her arms from her elbows to her shoulders. “You’re beautiful and you’re wearing far too many clothes,” he whispered.
Her movements were so swift they must have been a blur. In mere seconds she stripped down to her pale pink thong and nothing else. Beneath his stormy gaze, her nipples stiffened. Dante wanted to scream. She wanted him to touch her, not stand there and stare. His golden brown hair fell over his eyes when he tilted his head down to take in her nakedness. He reached out and cupped one breast. Her lips parted on a sigh. She shifted foot to foot, feeling confined in the thong. She wanted to be naked, wearing only Ranulf...
Lex Valentine

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