Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Volume One
by Myristica

Private investigator Kevin Laredo lost his wife and children to vengeful and corrupt cops. For the past three years he's not been able to look at another woman, let alone date, but when Vic Turner comes into his life, suddenly Kevin's heart comes alive again. Both share a past that connects them, but when Kevin brings Vic into his private investigative team, another member, Jonathan Palomino, is unnerved by the incredible resemblance Vic holds to his deceased lover, Andrew Shields.

When Vic is called on by the team to go undercover to investigate a missing person, Kevin vehemently refuses, causing conflict between him and Vic. Are Kevin's feelings for Vic going beyond that of a good friend and is that why he's becoming so overprotective?

To make matters worse, multi-million dollar mogul Thomas Hampton, the vampire who caused Andrew's death, comes back into Jonathan's life to seek his aid in recapturing the Black Tigress, a rogue vampire shape-shifter, who escaped her prison. Arina is out to destroy Hampton for betraying her four hundred years before and she will stop at nothing until she's brought Hampton down one peg at a time, including committing murders that could end up exposing all beings hiding on earth from other dimensions and possibly causing a modern day Inquisition. To keep Jonathan from bolting from the request to help, Hampton marks Vic to use his life and soul as hostage.

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