Wednesday, June 24, 2009


The Thrilling Adventure of the Drone Vampire Chronicles Continues with Book Three
by Stephani Hecht

Born to a witch mother, Rafe always knew he had to keep that fact a secret. For if it were discovered by his fellow vampires, it would not only make him an outcast, but could very well be his death warrant. As long as history has been recorded witches and vampires have been mortal enemies and never once had a halfling been allowed to live.

His entire world was turned upside down when a witch called Morgan manages, against all odds, to weasel her way into his vampire clan. For months she threatens to expose him unless he agrees to go back to her coven to meet his mother, but Rafe is able to hold her at bay while still keeping his secret. He also manages to fight the ever growing desire he feels for the small slip of a witch.

Then one day a warlock named Dominic shows up, claiming that Rafe is the key to saving the world. Even though Rafe wants to deny the stranger’s claims, events and signs all show he’s not lying. Finally Rafe knows he can no longer deny the truth, nor can he deny his desire to possess Morgan—and Dominic.
Dominic reached over and cupped Rafe's chin and, for some insane reason, he allowed it. Their gazes locked and there was no missing the smoky desire in the warlock's eyes. Their lips were just inches apart. So close that Rafe could smell the mint on his breath, feel the warmth of the male's strong body.
Rafe knew he should pull back. That if they went down this path there would be no turning back. Yet he couldn't do it. If the entire world had started to go up into flames, he still would not have been able to leave the comfort of Dominic's touch.
“Have you ever kissed another man?” Dominic grabbed Rafe by the nape of the neck, holding onto him like a predator would its prey.
“A couple of times, but that was a long time ago.” Rafe's cock strained against his uniform pants and it was all he could do not to thrust forward to rub against Dominic.
“After tonight, the only one you will kiss besides me is Morgan. Do you understand?”
Normally Rafe would have chaffed at anyone giving him an order like that, but coming from Dominic, it made perfect sense. Nodding his consent, Rafe tilted his head back and parted his lips. Closing his eyes, he did something he hadn't done in over a decade, gave complete and total control over to someone else.
Dominic's moan of desire filled his ears before the warlock captured Rafe's mouth in a hot kiss. It was hard, demanding, as if he wanted the whole world to know he was claiming Rafe as his.
“I never realized how hot it would be to see you two locking lips,” Morgan gasped.
Rafe jumped when he felt her soft hands caressing his back. He started to return the kiss in earnest, his tongue delving into the male's mouth to touch, stroke and tease. There was a dark wild flavor to him and Rafe's fangs grew as he imagined how exotic his blood would taste. Morgan continued to run her hands over him, her fingers drifting down to his cock. He sucked in a breath when she gave him a gentle squeeze.
“I have waited so long to see the two of you together,” she cooed into his ear. “Since the time I first saw you, I knew we were all meant to be together.”
Strange, Rafe didn't have a problem with that anymore. He groaned his acceptance as he plunged his fingers into Dominic's hair and continued to kiss him. A metal rasping sound filled the air as Morgan unzipped Rafe's pants and reached in to grab his cock.
“We're out in the open, someone can see us,” Rafe protested weakly against Dominic's lips. Dominic responded by walking forward, making Rafe backpedal until they were in a narrow alley separating a closed liquor store and an ice cream parlor. Rafe's back slammed into a brick wall, before Dominic returned to his mouth.
Morgan followed and reached inside to start stroking him again.
Rafe sucked in a breath when she trailed her finger along the tip.
“Dominic, you should see how big he is.” She swiped up some pre-cum and offered her finger to the warlock. He broke away from the kiss so he could suck it clean.

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