Monday, June 22, 2009

Darkness Burning by Delilah Devlin

Just as he opened the French doors, a gust of air brushed against his back. “Hello, Nic,” he said, turning slowly.

Nicolas stood in shadows, his tall frame bristling with anger. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t raise the alarm now and let the coven know their daywalker is here.”

Alex breathed a sigh of relief. If Nic was taking the time to have a conversation with him, he might actually listen to what he had to say. “Let’s take this outside.”

“And give you a chance to escape into the sky?”

Alex blinked. “You know I’m Born?”

Nic closed in, his lips stretching into a mirthless smile. “Not until you just said it.”

“I’m not trying to keep it a secret from you, but it’s interesting Chessa didn’t give me away.”

“Chessa’s emotions are complex, right now. She’s hormonal. Something to do with her pregnancy, you bastard.”

Alex folded his arms over his chest, pretending he wasn’t already shifting his balance to bolt through the door. “Are you really unhappy about that? Unhappy for her? Or jealous you couldn’t be the one to plant it in her womb?”

Nic’s eyebrows lowered and his hands tightened into fists. “I’m going to kick your ass.”
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