Tuesday, June 23, 2009



by Destiny Blaine


Tanner Dorsey is an alpha-male of the worst kind. He knows he has that extra something special that will always keep one particular woman coming back for more. But there's a slight problem with the woman who controls his heartbeat and her flaw could be the death of him…and maybe even her.

Ally is a strong, independent woman working for the FBI and even though she's tough on the inside, she's vanilla pudding in Tanner Dorsey's hands. He's the man she's saved herself for and if he doesn't do something fast to change the status of her virginity, she's certain of a slow demise with sexual frustration listed as her cause of death.

Trouble finds Tanner and Ally just when they put aside delayed sexual adventures. Tanner all but invites it to their door. His obsession for the woman he's always loved leads them into a well laid trap and by the time it snaps, Ally is at risk. Her heart and her career are all but on the line and the life Tanner must leave behind is the only one he ever wanted to live.


by Destiny Blaine


Tanner Dorsey is considered a powerful drug lord and it’s a false assumption he can’t do anything about without putting those he cares about at risk. To make matters worse, Tanner knows only one woman has the ability to change the rhythm of his heartbeat and she’s living with his daughters under the protection of those she considers her own—the FBI.

Agent Ally Stephens is on the case to bring down organized crime. She knows in order to save her brothers and Tanner, she’ll need to stay one step ahead of the man who is most determined to tear her family and their business apart. She’s living with an agent whose main focus is to bring down the only man she’s ever loved—and if Ally isn’t careful, she will lead Tanner Dorsey into a well laid trap.

There are too many unspoken secrets for all the players involved. When push comes to shove, the one thing that can save Ally’s family and the man she loves is her decision to walk away from the only career she’s ever known—and those who’ve fought beside her may fight just as hard to take her down if she decides to turn in her gun.


by Destiny Blaine


Tanner Dorsey is the only man Special Agent Ally Stephens has ever loved. He's also a known drug lord, and his enemies have placed a very hefty price tag on his woman's pretty little head. And the price is rising daily.

Ally is forced to go on the run with her former FBI partner. The last thing she needs is another man to complicate her life, but one soon finds her. In fact, it's a man her lover knows well, and his mission is to take her home to the family she loves.

Santino is a hired gun. The best in the business of killing, he is the only man Tanner trusts to bring Ally back to him safely, but Tanner doesn't turn a blind eye to the obvious. Santino DeLuca is a ladies man whose charm has wooed more than one woman into his bed. But it's a chance Tanner must take. If Santino can't bring Ally home, she'll never make it out of Florida alive.

With time ticking away, Santino and Ally are on the run, and Tanner paces the waterfront of his hidden estate waiting for news. With each update, Ally slips further and further away from him. Soon, Tanner discovers his worst fears materialized. He must face the fact that Ally may not return home at all.


  1. Hey Judie!

    Thank you for including the Unspoken series on your blog. I'm so excited about this romantic suspense series and thrilled you're promoting these e-books here at Honey Bunny Promos!


  2. You welcome Destiny! Feel free to tell all your friends and I look forward to seeing a lot more of Destiny's books here at Honey Bunny!