Tuesday, June 30, 2009


By A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly



"Vampires have come "out of the closet" and they're buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels."

Vampires have come “out of the closet” and they’re buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels. Rory isn’t sure how he feels about vampires, and when his best friend begs him to accompany him to a vampire brothel on his birthday so that he can experience what is widely believed to be the sex of his life, Rory tags along reluctantly. There he meets Dennis, a mortal, who is a city inspector responsible for overseeing vampire brothels. There is an immediate attraction and a lucrative job offer to work in the Brothel as an inspector. Unable to turn down the money, Rory accepts both the job and the offer to share Dennis’s bed.

When Rory first sees Carden, he isn’t even sure if he’s real. Extraordinarily beautiful, Rory has no experience with vampires, especially not with one of Carden’s caliber.

Carden is not just any vampire prostitute, working at Eclipse, the hottest vampire brothel in the city, run by a scrupulous vampire named, Blane. He is a Pure Blood, born a vampire, and reputed to be not only capable of bestowing upon his sexual partner the ultimate sexual high, but highly sought after by a group of eccentric millionaires who worship Pure Bloods in the hopes of gaining eternal life. Seeking some semblance of normality years ago, Carden took a mortal as his lover, a mortal whose body has been ravished by AIDS. Dennis is all Carden cares about and so he works for Blane, who exploits Carden’s services for exorbitant fees and has taken Dennis some place Carden can’t find him.

As the sun goes down on Eclipse, the hauntingly beautiful, mysterious Carden and the sweet, fearful Rory will gradually draw closer together, and the evil that permeates the night will close in around them.


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