Saturday, June 27, 2009


By Claire Thompson

M/M/M BDSM ménage a trios. – one Dom, two subs, three hearts

Ethan and Cam met the year before at an underground BDSM club and their connection was intense and immediate. There was just one small problem—they're both subs. To work around this, they agree to find their own Doms for play, engaging in hot scenes complete with whips and chains, but leaving their heartsat home. The setup works fine, until the day Maestro enters the picture. For the first time since falling head over feet for Cam, Ethan's attraction to another man goes beyond play and he knows he's in trouble. For the first time in their nearly year-long relationship, Ethan finds himself keeping secrets.

Maestro, whose real name is Andrew, has secrets of his own. After fifteen years of harboring an unrequited lust for the boy he'd been to high school with, Andrew manages to track down Ethan Wise without revealing at first who he is. He'd hoped by finally meeting and sharing a scene with the guy, he'd get him outof his system once and for all, as reality never lives up to teenage dreams. He's stunned by the intensity of their connection and finds lust melting rapidly into something more.

When Ethan confides in Cam about his confused desire for another man, it is Cam who comes up with idea of meeting the man who would steal his lover's heart. He hopes when Andrew sees them together, he'll understand the depths of their love, and step aside.

Instead, Andrew talks the two lovers into joining him in a three-way scene at their favorite BDSM club. Cam agrees out of curiosity as much as anything. He's completely unprepared for his own strong and immediate reaction to the Dom, who exerts an undeniable sensual control over both subs. As the scene intensifies, Ethan and Cam find themselves falling deeper under Andrew's dominant spell, leaving them both breathless and desperate for more.

Can two subs submit to a man who would claim not only their bodies, but their hearts and minds? Or will the intensity of a D/s ménage break their world apart.

Claire Thompson


  1. Thanks for posting this! Let's do an impromptu mini-contest! We'll pick a winner of a free copy of Submission Times Two ebook (or a different ebook from my website if BDSM is not your cup of tea) from people who comment over the next day. Winner picked tomorrow night.
    Thanks! Claire

  2. Claire, this book was great. I just got done reading it. Dinner was three hours late because I couldn't stop reading until I was done. Love all your books, though.


  3. Enjoyed reading the excerpt and love the idea of two subs having a relationship. Thanks for the contest.

  4. Debby, you are an early bird like me! (been up since 4:30, best time to write). I hope you'll check out the book! Thanks!!

  5. OMG!! Yuor exerpt rocks!! I want/need to red more!


  6. Well regardless if I win or not I'm still getting it, hehe I love Claire Thompson's book...She's an autobuy for me...

  7. WINNER of FREE EBOOK is Lindseye! Please contact me directly for your prize! Thanks! Love, Claire

  8. Thanks Claire for having your contest here at Honey Bunny Promo!