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Apocalypse Dance by Michael Barnette


Apocalypse Dance by Michael Barnette
A Dragon Dance Cycle novel
Immortal Heroes Series
Genre: Paranormal (Dragon/Immortal) erotic romance (m/f)
Warning: Toys, role reversal, anal play, BDSM and D/s themes
Heat Rating: Shadowfire
Length: Epic-106,000 words / 608 pages
Price: $7.50

This book previously appeared with another publisher. It has been heavily revised, expanded and reedited.

For Nikki salvation is just a Dragon away.

With the world population decimated by a mutated strain of Ebola civilization as we know it has gone down in ruin. Warlords rampage across what was once the United States of America, killing, raping and adding to the misery and horror that has swept the once proud nation.

Nikki, once on her way to becoming a brilliant doctor, is being sought as a concubine by Roderik, self-styled King of the Lone Star Empire.

Now it's up to Nikki, her friends and an enigmatic blond known only as Bells to end his reign of terror.

The problem is, Roderik is an Immortal Dragon, and only another Dragon can stop him.

Going slowly, watching her eyes for any traces of panic, he pulled her jeans off, sliding his hands down her long legs, revealing creamy flesh, feminine perfection. Her sex was covered with a pair of silky pink panties, the color reminding him of the soft petals of a woman’s inner folds. The delicate satin of her most tender flesh. He knelt in to dip his tongue into her navel, then stood slowly, drawing a line of damp flame up her stomach and across her right breast. Her hand was still locked tightly in his hair, pulling, causing a tiny hint of pain that added a piquancy to the desire heating him. It felt good and he wanted more.

Her breath caught, and she shuddered under the onslaught of sensation. Her nipples peaked so tightly it looked like it should hurt. He drew the tip of his tongue around the areola, one hand pressed at the small of her back, holding her still for his exploration.

She tensed slightly and he eased his hold, sensitive to her reactions, both positive and negative, learning what she liked and what sent a dampening of desire through her on the wings of fear. He didn’t want her to be afraid of him. He wanted her to know nothing but pleasure from his every touch, his every whispered breath across the silken expanse of her flawless skin.

“Bells....” She almost screamed his name as he closed his mouth around the stiffened nub, sucking, teasing it with the edges of his teeth. His cock throbbed with want for her, his own desire heightened by her cry. She wanted him, and even if it came down to nothing but the heat of the moment, her need for comfort, he didn’t care. He’d take this, savor it, use it as a balm to the nightmare memories that haunted him in the small hours of the night.

Pulling away, he met her gaze. Awakened passion warmed her sable eyes. “Do you want this from me?”

“Yes!” There was no reservation or hesitation in her reply, nor in the way she kissed him afterward, her entire being seeking what he offered with the same intensity he had sought her. Her answer was as immediate as her need, and just as heated as his own.

“Good.” He swept her off her feet and lay her down on the bed, kissing her breasts and throat, easing his weight down on her, gauging her reaction.

She froze, a look of rising terror in her eyes, and he understood what had been done to her. He shoved his own flash of wrath aside, ignoring the Beast as it snarled and raged, fighting the chains. Bells raised himself off of her to shower her soft body with kisses, driving away the panic, easing her terror.

He understood bad memories better than most people, voices and faces of people he should know, bits of broken memories plaguing his sleep. If he could help it he wouldn’t be a reminder of the past for her so long as it lay within his power. He wouldn’t hurt her, couldn’t knowingly cause her pain or fear.

“Please, please,” she gasped, fumbling with the button on his jeans.

Eyes burning, he left the bed, pulled his boots and pants off, his gaze locked on the beauty of her face, the perfection of her form. Female. Feminine. Delicate and beautiful. But she was strong of spirit. Capable. Courageous.

The Thing at the center of his being wanted her.

So did he.

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