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Plague Dance by Michael Barnette
A Dragon Dance Cycle novella
Immortal Heroes Series
Genre: GLBT m/m paranormal erotic romance
Heat Rating: Fire
Length: Novella-25,000 words / 151 pages
Price: $4.50
Available from Shadowfire Press

A plague ravaged the world. Cory and Deshawn survived. But can they survive Roderik, the man who would be King?

After a mutated strain of Ebola ended the world as we know it, Staff Sergeant Deshawn Roberts finds himself alone and longing for companionship.

Cory Wilson, one time office worker, finds himself a captive of Roderick, King of the Lone Star Empire. It's a life of slavery worse than death, and Cory escapes to find himself on the run.

Brought together by chance, can these two men survive in the harsh reality of post Collapse America, and will they find the love they both crave?

Without thinking he leaned in and kissed Cory, the touch light, a gentle questing for consent. The warm lips under his parted, opening and receptive. Acceptance and welcome, his kiss was returned, Cory pressing himself tighter to Deshawn in response to the increasing passion awakening between them. Awakened by a kiss, despite the injuries they both had.

Passion confirmed in the hardness of a cock pressed to Deshawn's thigh.

He reached up, his arm awkward, not responding the way it should and he recalled that he'd been unable to use it earlier. Deshawn managed to get his hand to the back of Cory's head ignoring the way the muscles shook, how weak the arm felt. He held the blond deepening the kiss, exploring the sweetness of Cory's mouth. Their tongues tangled in a hungering dance that left the former army sergeant dizzy from lack of oxygen, his own dick throbbing with desire for Cory. Bad hurt, but he wanted the man with an intensity that erased the pain. The blond was returning the kiss with fervent enthusiasm his hands roaming along Deshawn's back, molding to the curve of his ass.

Deshawn broke the kiss to stare into Cory's hazel eyes to see hunger there, a flush of color across the blond's cheeks. Cory roused and wanting. Wanting him as much as he wanted Cory. There was a questioning look on the other man's face, and Deshawn smiled, leaned in and touched his lips to Cory's before retreating from the contact.

He caressed Cory's cheek, fingertips brushing over a few days' growth of beard stubble, and a streaks of dried blood that flaked away as he touched them. They'd both been injured by the explosion, a small scabbed over cut along Cory's cheekbone showing him where the blood had come from. His thumb touched the softness of Cory's lips which parted, the blond capturing the end of his thumb in a light, sucking kiss.

"You okay with this?"

Cory let go of his thumb and nodded. "Can't you tell?"

Deshawn smiled. "Now that you mention it, I guess I can."

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Michael Barnette
Fiction with an Erotic Edge

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