Wednesday, August 26, 2009



Leo discovers swinging isn't the same thing as love.

He kissed Aaron before the door was fully closed, flattened him against it as he engaged the lock, and frantically began to grind against him. "Are you sure?" he asked, not certain what he would say if the response was negative. Leo usually trusted his instincts about fuckable men. He reached between them to grip the other man though his pants and was inspired by the unyielding stiffness. He traced the length of Aaron's cock with one finger and roughly kissed him again. "Yeah, you're sure," he decided.

Either Aaron was a bit shy or Leo's dominating physical appearance and character had completely overwhelmed him. Leo and his twin brother, Pan, were regionally popular professional wrestlers and often encountered awed fans so he had learned to simply take charge in situations like this. A natural-born leader, Leo was good at easing tense situations. He was also proficient in escalating a confrontation when his temper flared, but that would not be a problem today.

Lips trembling, Aaron managed a short nod of eager consent so his host, who towered over him and outweighed him by at least seventy pounds, scooped him up and carried him into the bedroom. Depositing him on the bed, he rummaged through the dresser drawers until he found lube and a condom.

Aaron sat up and kicked off his shoes, leaned down to peel off his socks and quickly shucked his jeans. By the time Leo returned to the bed and began to undress, his guest was completely nude. His pale body was accentuated by the outline of a perfect ribcage that showed through lean muscle, slightly concave abs and a runner's ass. He looked good enough to eat.

"I like your style," Aaron murmured as Leo's more heavily muscled body was speedily unveiled before him.

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