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Designed to be a weapon, trained and programmed to follow instructions without question, SETH was not meant to develop willpower, emotions and desire. Falling in love with a human is unacceptable, and faced with the threat of termination, he is forced to choose—kill or follow his heart.


“Get off.” She cried out.

“You are so beautiful.” Seth said, softly. With one hand he touched her cheek, marveling at how soft she felt. “You are softer than anything I could ever have imagined was possible.”

Letting go of her wrist and with ease he pushed up with his arms, getting to his feet. He had hold of her by the arms, helping to her feet as well, never taking his eyes from her. Seth had watched over Alyna, since the day she started working at the lab, long before making contact with her. He studied her movements, watched her as she worked, looked into her past. Seth knew everything there was to know about Alyna Satara, but the one thing he didn’t know was how to act being this close to her. Sure he could fight for her, protect her, but what to say to her now that they were face to face he had no clue. So Seth ended up doing one thing that he thought about doing as he tracked them all to this place. He kissed her.

His hand took hold of the back of her head to hold her in place as he kissed her deeply. Seth researched kissing, touching, holding and lovemaking, but his studies didn’t prepare him for the pleasure that he was feeling having his lips pressed against hers. Her lips were so soft that Seth could not resist the urge to graze his tongue across them. Just that simple touch seemed to have Alyna opening her lips to him as well as standing up on her toes getting closer. He moved his hands from her head down to her shoulders, pulling her even closer before he moved them farther to wrap around her waist. It was divine ecstasy. A simple kiss turned into a burning need one that had Seth wanting to get closer.

His body was alive! He felt tingles all through out it. Seth had to think about breathing. He was so caught up in the pleasure of Alyna’s kiss, he couldn’t think of anything but her. Slanting his head to one side, he kissed her deeper, thrusting his tongue in and out of her mouth, flicking it with hers and holding her even tighter. The cock between his legs thickened, throbbed, and still Seth kissed and held her, refusing to break this contact. Yet, as they say, about all good things must come to an end, so did the kiss when a far off snap of a twig was heard, Seth broke the kiss.

His head came up and turned, listening for more sounds. Very faintly he could hear the steps of many, approaching from behind.

Seth took hold of her hand and started to walk away. Alyna pulled out of his hold, but he was back on her quickly, grabbing her arm.

“No.” she moaned, fighting to be released.

Seth fought with her gently. He struggled to get a good grip on her without leaving marks or hurting her. It was tough to do with the way she was fighting him. Alyna tried to bite his arm when he had hold of her again, this almost got her what she wanted, but Seth proved to be faster.

He grunted when she kicked him, bent backwards slightly when she tried to slap him and even pinned her chest to chest. “Had enough?”

“Let me go.” Alyna whispered.

Seth looked her in those green globes of hers. So many different feelings were racing through him, that he couldn’t process or understand but knew them to be emotions. She was scared, he saw it. “I can’t” he told her softly, holding onto her with one arm around her waist so he could brush hair from her face. “You’re too important.”

Seth didn’t waste anymore time. From what he was picking up, the small group that was out looking for them wasn’t too far behind, which meant that he needed to get Alyna out of here and fast.

He pushed her away from him, bent over and slung Alyna over his shoulder. She cried out, kicking and slapping at him as he started to walk in the direction that would lead back to his truck.

“Put me down, you fuck!” she yelled.

“Quiet.” Seth said. “Or you will tell the others where we are.”

Seth jogged with her back to his truck. When he stopped next to it, he did let her back down on her feet, just long enough to open the door and shove her inside. Time was not on their side. Like he feared her screaming attracted the others to where they were and just as he got in after her, closed the door and started the engine gunfire rang out.

Alyna screamed as Seth pulled her down to the floor and the glass shattered around them. Quickly he put the truck in gear, floored it and got the hell out of there as firing still went on.

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