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Soren Cannon and his best friend Mercedes are die hard Rocko fans. They have the opportunity to follow him all summer as he toured the neighboring states. At each one of the concerts Soren found that it was easy to be seduced when the beautiful, soulful music of Rocko provided the back drop.

Hot Summer Nights
Going up the stairs he stopped short as he looked up directly into a pair of amazing, sparkling blue eyes on a familiar face of a man exiting the restroom. Both of their mouths dropped open and then quickly closed. For what seemed like a long time they stared at each other, and then a small smile touched the man’s sweet rosy lips.
Holy shit, it’s him!
They continued to stare at each other for what felt like an eternity before Soren managed to smile back. A group of women started up the stairs behind the wall, talking loudly. His attention was taken from the handsome man as he watched them come around the corner and rush pass him. When he turned his attention back to the man he was gone and Soren’s mouth dropped open again. He rushed up the stairs and into the restroom, but he wasn’t there.
After using the restroom Soren washed his hands then hesitantly bent down to look under the stalls. Not seeing any feet he snatched the paper towel from the holder and walked out.
He moved to throw the towel away, but his hand stopped in mid air. Slowly he turned toward the calling sound and saw his mystery man sitting on the forbidden stairs leading to the blocked off balcony. He finished his toss throwing the towel away, but didn’t move.
The man called him over with a nod of his head.
Soren knew this game and liked it. He shook his head negatively.
The man stood up giving Soren a better look at him. It was they same guy alright. All his doubts faded at the sight of a full body look of him. He was beautiful, tanned and sexy. His casual lean on the banister made his dark blue jeans hug his full thighs and push against his impressive bulge seductively. That was the same bulge he felt pressing into his ass last month. He wondered if he was as skilled with it as he was with his hands. The memories sent shivers down his back and he could feel the first stirrings of arousal in his dick.
Soren continued to scan his body hungrily. The jeans hugged his long legs nicely and the tee shirt was smooth across his rounded pecs showing off his firm abs and large biceps. Soren reversed his gaze before he outwardly started to salivate and before he knew it his eyes were locked on the sexy stranger’s eyes once more.
The man watched Soren check him out with out a word. When Soren’s eyes returned to his he smiled giving him the ‘come hither’ finger. Soren wrapped his arms around his chest and then shook his head again. The man chuckled and held onto the railing as he leaned out as far as he could with a playful smile. He held out his hand reaching out to Soren asking him to come with his whole hand this time.
More laughter came from down the stairs. Soren moved to look around the corner then returned his attention back to the man and his ‘come hither’ became more insistent. Soren peeked around the corner again to see the women coming up the final steps to the restroom. He ducked back into the bathroom and stood against the wall.
What the hell am I doing? Am I really thinking of going that far with some strange guy…with a sexy body…and amazing eyes…that has already made me feel good?
Flashes of their last encounter in Kentucky went across his mind and he felt his dick jump in response to the memory again. He peeked out the bathroom biting his lip and watched the women go into the bathroom across the way. As soon as the women entered the rest room Soren ducked around the corner and took the man’s hand that was still extended and waiting for him.

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