Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Diamond in the Shade 2 by D.J. MANLY

COMING SOON FROM Liquid Silver Books

Diamond in the Shade 2

Diamond and Shade
are still together trying to manage their relationship when suddenly there is
a vampire running wild, killing his victims, and leaving them everywhere. That is strange enough, but
what is even stranger, he seems to be a Destroyer, and he is connected to Shade


He agonized over where he and Sebastian would end up. He’d never been in love before, and on top of
that, loving a vampire wasn’t exactly easy. Although Shade had never bitten him, sometimes in
moments of passion, Sebastian had to take a moment to recover from the desire to feed off of him. And
the sex, incredible as it may have been was hopelessly one sided. He couldn’t even hope to give
Sebastian what Sebastian gave him in bed. He worried that Sebastian was left unsatisfied but then
again, he had to remember that Shade had spent many years in Tanus’s bed, a mortal like himself.
Maybe Shade found his sexual satisfaction elsewhere, with some other vampire. He sighed, deciding to
put it out of his mind. They had bigger problems right now, a destroyer gone crazy, possibility even an
immortal one. He wasn’t yet convinced that it was a destroyer, not an authentic one anyway. He’d never
heard of a destroyer losing it like that, and this immortal bit. It didn’t seem plausible.
He got up from where he sat near the window and walked over to the bed. He leaned down and kissed
Sebastian’s cool lips. He took a long, hot shower and contemplated going over to see Richard, his
overseer here in the city. It had been awhile.
There was no one around when he wandered downstairs and into the kitchen. He made himself some
toast and scrambled eggs and wolfed them down at the table. Everyone had a bedroom down here in
the back. Although he wasn’t sure who slept where. Wik slept in the traditional coffin, exclaiming that it
was classy.
A half hour later, he was ringing Richard’s doorbell.
“Diamond,” he said, opening the door, “I was wondering when I’d be seeing you. I was just about to call.”
“Any new information we can use?”
“Deb was here last night and I think we found something.”
“Deb eh?”
“No comments. It was working evening.”
“Yeah, okay,” Diamond smiled.
“How’s your vampire boyfriend?”
“He’s fine. How else would he be? It’s not like he can catch a cold or anything. What cha’ got?” He
walked into Richard’s office and eyed all the papers and books strewn across the desk.
“You might not like it.”
“He’s not really one of us, is he?” Diamond sat in the chair and put his boots up on the desk, lowering
them when Richard gave him a dirty look.
“Well, he was.”

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