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In the Thrilled anthology from Midnight Showcase... Silver Lining is about always having hope somewhere inside you... always looking for that Silver Lining...

by Lex Valentine
Suffering from the loss of the only man she’d ever loved, Maris tries to fill her life with other things, only to find that it doesn’t work. Even after 15 years, she misses the man she left behind. Aching with despair and loneliness, she leaves all the online communities she belongs to. Alex suffers from the loss of a woman he let walk away. Determined not to let that happen again, he sends Maris an email asking her not to leave the forum. A flurry of escalating emails leads to a meeting where both Maris and Alex receive the surprise of their lives… and a past love is rediscovered.
Maris didn’t know what the next phase of her life would bring. Perhaps it was time to quit her job and take her nest-egg on the road. After all, she hadn’t seen much of the world. She stared at her computer, contemplating typing her resignation and walking away from her job. As she pondered her choices, a tiny ding let her know she had email. Absently, she clicked on the little envelope.
“Silver Lining,
I’m sorry you’ve chosen to quit the forum. I wish you would reconsider leaving. If you’re unhappy and lonely, I understand. I feel the same way. It’s the reason I try to connect with people online. My life is good, but it’s solitary. I often feel as if life is zooming past me while I’m walking in slow motion. But then, I go to the forum and your posts are there, shining with humor and intelligence, passion and verve. Your words make my day, my life, better, and I will miss you.
It goes against the grain for me to ask you to stay simply because I enjoy your posts so much, but I know the forum will never be the same for me once you’re gone. I just want you to know that you’re right, no matter how dark life gets, there is a silver lining to every cloud. You’ve been mine.
Wall of Thunder”
Her breath caught in her throat, her heart raced. Emotion overwhelmed her, and she began to shake. She reread the words, feeling a strange connection. A single tear streaked down her cheek as pain and hope spiked inside her.
Why couldn’t this man be real, she thought frantically, trying to hold herself together when she just wanted to throw herself down on the couch screaming and crying.
She couldn’t reply to him yet. With her heart in her throat and her feelings so close to the surface, nothing she typed would make any sense. She stood up and backed away from the desk, her eyes on the email that had so rocked her emotions.
Finally, she turned and took shaky steps to the kitchen. She poured herself a glass of juice; maybe she just needed some sugar. The email had caught her at a low moment. When she read it again, she was sure she’d feel differently.
Twenty minutes later, after a snack and the nightly news, she returned to her desk. The flicker of the screensaver beckoned. She hit escape and the open email returned. She reread it. Again, her emotions overcame her. Who was this man? He’d used the word ‘verve’. Who used that word anymore?
She went back to the forum and searched for his posts. Wall of Thunder had posted in every thread she’d commented on. Mostly, he agreed with her point of view. A few times he hadn’t, but he’d been respectful in his disagreement. His responses had been so low-key that she’d never really noticed him. That surprised her a little and she decided to do something that, in all her months on the board, she’d never done. She looked up his profile.
He was younger than her. He lived halfway across the state and worked in advertising. He had dark hair, dark eyes, and an athletic build. He had no photo posted. He liked strong, opinionated people, the beach but not the sand, driving with the top down, and loud music. His hobbies included: playing guitar, going to concerts, and reading biographies. He couldn’t resist pet stores because he loved kittens and puppies.
Her breath caught in her throat as she read his last statement…,he loved women who could put him in his place with a word, but who melted in his arms at his touch.
She bit her lip. Why had she never read his profile? And, more importantly, how the hell had she missed this man?
Lex Valentine


By Lex Valentine

Child of the Week Series by Noble Romance
Randall Wise is the quintessential good guy. However, all of his friends are married and he's still single. Rand is positive that good guys finish last at love and decides he needs to change if he's ever going to find the woman for him. Brenna Thorne is a klutzy but cute would be witch who moves in next door to Rand. Men always think of Brenna like a sister. They never see her as girlfriend or mate material. Brenna longs for a man of her own who sees her sexy side and all the love she has to give. A little magic from Rand's godparents, a familiar who isn't a familiar, and a host of well meaning, but surprising friends help Rand and Brenna see that all you need to find your mate is a heart that is open to love.
“Come in,” she said pulling the door wider. “I thought you were bringing dinner?”
Rand blinked dazedly as his gaze shifted from her breasts to the kitchen. “I am.” He looked around, focused on the center island, and snapped his fingers. Everything from wine glasses to bread appeared. The smell of freshly baked lasagna filled the room.
“Oh, wow. When you make dinner, you go all out,” she murmured, walking over to peer into a bowl. “Yummy. I love Caesar salad. Is the bred garlicky?”
Rand laughed. “Yes, but I’ll admit to using a spell on the spread so it doesn’t leave you with garlic breath.”
Brenna’s brows rose. That was a promising remark, she thought. “You must be a mage,” she said as she began to set the table.
“Not yet, although I did inherit my father’s mage class powers. I’m still only wizard class,” he admitted. “I can transport an item from one place to another, but only if I know where I’m transporting it to and from. I can’t make things disappear into the void, and I won’t have the ability to transport myself or transfigure until I reach mage class.”
Rand set out the food and wine then seated Brenna. They sat at right angles and all through dinner she could feel the press of his jean-clad knee against her bare one. She was glad she hadn’t opted for dressier clothes. Rand wore dark jeans and a blue silk shirt that made his eyes look more silvery. He was so handsome, and the brush of his knee against hers so distracting, she could barely concentrate on his words. He told some amusing tales about his friends, a story about his childhood, and something about being the best man at a recent wedding. However, the wedding anecdote trailed off after he said he’d had too much to drink.
They cleaned up together companionably, Brenna telling Rand about her occult shop and quirky customers. As they washed the dishes and put the leftovers away, their fingers, hands, and hips brushed often. By the time Rand snapped his fingers to send his dishes home, Brenna’s pussy ached for him.
He held up her nearly empty glass of wine. “More? This bottle is toast, but I have more.”
The pitch of his voice, low and seductive, sent shivers through Brenna’s already over-stimulated body. She shook her head. “I think I’ve had enough.”
Rand’s eyes gleamed. “Does that mean you’re drunk?”
“Not drunk, but pleasantly relaxed,” she replied, boldly reaching out to brush her fingertips over the cuff of his shirt. “Are you going to take advantage of me now, or did you want to watch a movie?”
The gleam in Rand’s eyes became a flame. He slipped an arm around her waist, pulling her against him. The instant her breasts touched his hard chest, Brenna became mindless with lust. An earth-shattering need swamped her body, making her tremble.
Rand’s fingers cupped her chin. “You’re shaking,” he murmured, his dark head lowering to hers.
“With need,” she whispered. “I want you, Rand.”
His eyes flared brighter. Brenna didn’t know how or why this had happened, but the moment she’d seen him naked the night before, she had wanted him. That deep-seated desire must have been what fueled her dream, too. Now, her mind was consumed with ripping his clothes off and rubbing herself all over him, as if by doing so she could mark him with her scent. She knew she hadn’t ever felt this strongly about a man so quickly, and wondered briefly why this man, but then he slid his hands under her skirt, cupping her ass, and all rational thought went out the window.
Lex Valentine
By Lex Valentine

Coming mid-July from Freya’s Bower
Werewolf Ranulf Verlaine meets vampire Dante Allerton on a train bound for Paris. Overwhelmed by desire, the couple let their senses take over and before the train ride is through, they've become mates. Ran must break free of the pack that his twin brother rules while Dante cuts the controlling ties of her two older brothers. The two must quickly deal with the burdens of their pasts in order to run toward the promise of a future together.
“Dante is an unusual name for a woman,” he remarked, his incredible eyes flickering as his gaze slid over her body, making her burn even hotter.
“In school, all the boys wanted to touch my inferno,” she joked softly, her voice tight with lust.
She tossed back her hair and a slow smile curved his lush mouth as he watched the movement. He rubbed one hand over his stubbly jaw. “Oh, I’ll bet they did,” he murmured, his tone becoming seductive.
His nostrils flared and she knew that his highly developed werewolf sense of smell had scented her arousal. Not that she wanted to hide it from him. He aroused her and the opportunity he presented would not be wasted.
“Would you like to join me in my compartment? Maybe you’d like to see if you can withstand the heat,” Dante told him boldly. Fleetingly, she wondered at her audacity. Acting the seductress felt awkward, but she hadn’t ever wanted a man this much before. When she’d first seen him across the aisle at dinner, her preternatural awareness had pinged. Now, standing so close to him that she could feel the heat of his body, that same awareness pinged so hard it was off the Richter scale. Such a fierce, instantaneous reaction told her instinctively that she needed to claim him for her own even if that meant kicking her usual self-doubt in the ass.
She breathed in Ranulf’s scent again. Her body officially raged out of control. In fact, her vampire senses had completely run away with her and there was no hope to put anything back the way it had been before Ranulf had touched her.
“It would be... will be… my pleasure.” Ranulf put his hand beneath her elbow, and she led the way to her compartment.
The possessive gesture ratcheted up her desire. Every time his lean body brushed hers in the tight quarters of the train, flames of desire licked at her. They stepped aside once to let several passengers pass and Ranulf put his arm possessively around her shoulders, drawing her back against the heat of his body. She ached to shove him onto a nearby seat, straddle his thighs, and sink down onto his hard cock. She burned with sexual heat. Never had she felt such need for a man. She had no experience with instantaneous, white hot lust. And even worse, she had an inexplicable emotional connection to him telling her he felt the same.
At her door, she slipped the keycard in and the lock slid open. The little cabin had a proper bed, albeit a small one and not much bigger than a twin bed. Dante didn’t think the size would pose much of a problem for them. Her eyes flicked to the travel clock. Six hours to Paris. Would it be enough to quench the raging thirst she had for him?
She turned, her body brushing his. He slipped out of his jacket, tossing it onto the chair. His hands came up, sliding along her arms from her elbows to her shoulders. “You’re beautiful and you’re wearing far too many clothes,” he whispered.
Her movements were so swift they must have been a blur. In mere seconds she stripped down to her pale pink thong and nothing else. Beneath his stormy gaze, her nipples stiffened. Dante wanted to scream. She wanted him to touch her, not stand there and stare. His golden brown hair fell over his eyes when he tilted his head down to take in her nakedness. He reached out and cupped one breast. Her lips parted on a sigh. She shifted foot to foot, feeling confined in the thong. She wanted to be naked, wearing only Ranulf...
Lex Valentine


By Lex Valentine


As the pack Alpha, Roul Verlaine always looked out for his twin brother Ranulf. Now, Ran's mated and run off to New York City. Deciding to check up on his twin, Roul hires the Watcher Agency to follow Ran and his new mate. But when Roul arrives at Watcher, the owner is not what he expected.

Morgan Kale is a rare white werewolf, a lone wolf. She's not looking for a mate so when Roul walks into her office and her senses start pinging, she's not exactly happy about it. With Roul only in New York for three days, Morgan has to decide whether to tell him they are mates... or let him walk out of her life forever.

“The danger of staring too long at a sigil is that it can leech away your control.”
The woman’s voice tore Roul’s gaze from the magical diamond-shaped mark that famous wizard artist Nick Diamond used to sign his paintings. A woman with long, blonde hair stood in the doorway. Her eyes met his easily and he realized she must be at least six feet tall. Then her scent slammed into him like a Mac truck: rosemary . . . and lemon. Sweet, spicy, tangy . . . his mind and his cock reacted in the same millisecond to her scent.
The woman’s elegant brows flicked up as, with a fierce growl, his wolf roused. Possessiveness filled every atom of his body and he wondered briefly if the magic of the painting had gotten to him. Gods! He wanted her. All rational thought fled his brain, leaving behind only primal urges. Driven by his base needs, he promised himself that before dawn lit the sky, he would have her beneath him, moaning in supplication.
A sardonic expression settled on her elegant features, almost as if she’d heard his arrogant thoughts. “I can see I’m way too late with my warning about control,” she murmured, her lips curling in amusement.
Roul knew his hard cock blatantly strained the front of his jeans, but he didn’t care. His wolf wanted her to see how she aroused him. “I’m Roul Verlaine,” he said in a voice husky with lust.
The woman stepped toward him. “I know. I’m Morgan Kale. Welcome to New York.” She held out one elegant hand.
Shock rippled through him. He’d thought the head of the Watcher Agency was a man. Her eyebrows arched up as she gazed at him. Again, her expression gave him the sense that she’d heard his thoughts. “Are you an empath? A telepath?” he asked abruptly as he set his suitcase down and extended his hand toward hers.
Her polite smile became a wide grin. “I wish. It would make my work much easier.” Her palm met his and she shook his hand firmly, but briefly. As her fingers dropped away, she gestured toward the office door. “Please come in.”
Her touch unnerved him even more than the persistent notion that she could read his thoughts. Despite her assertion that she was neither empath nor telepath, Roul’s instincts told him to shield his thoughts as he often did with his twin brother. A woman like this one—professional, capable—wouldn’t give him the time of day if she had heard his arrogant thoughts about having her beneath him before dawn.
Lex Valentine


By Lex Valentine

Tales of the Darkworld Book 3
Black dragon Holden Antaeus isn't looking for a mate. His life is filled with family, work, and dating. Women adore him and he's never short of offers for sex, but a relationship isn't something he's interested in. When Holden's brother Sean hires a new executive for Antaeus International, Holden's whole world, and everything he's ever believed about himself, is blown to bits. Garret Renquist is a green dragon, intelligent, witty, bi-sexual, and hot for Holden. Despite the fact that Holden is positive he's heterosexual, the moment he meets Garret, something happens inside him. What follows is a journey through stereotypes and ingrained beliefs as Holden struggles with the fact that his destined mate is a man.
Holden wanted to look over his shoulder to see Garret’s reaction. He didn’t. He returned to the main room of the suite and picked up his water, wandering out to the balcony to watch the sun rise. It couldn’t have been more than ten minutes later that he heard a soft sound that told him Garret had joined him.
“Holden, I’m sorry.”
The softly spoken words caused Holden to release his breath on a sigh. “I am too, Garret.” He turned, his gaze caught and held by Garret’s. A wave of emotion, mostly indefinable, rose within him, causing an ache in his chest.
Garret swallowed, his Adam’s apple bobbing slightly. “I shouldn’t have done that.”
Holden sensed Garret’s discomfort, but stayed silent, waiting for him to finish. He gave the man points for holding his gaze when by rights he probably wanted to look anywhere else.
“I was angry and disappointed and confused. When Rob came on to me in the bar…” Garret broke off and swallowed again. “I didn’t think you would care what I did, but that is no excuse. It’s just an explanation of my motivation. I know it was wrong of me to bring him back here on the day I found you. I’m so sorry.”
It had been a long time since Holden had met someone with the level of integrity that Garret had just shown. “I’m sorry too, Garret,” he replied in a low voice. “This whole thing was such a shock. And I know that’s not an excuse for my behavior. It’s just an explanation.”
He smiled as he repeated Garret’s words. The British man’s eyes lightened as a smile curved his lips. Holden caught a glimpse of brilliant white teeth as Garret’s smile flashed out and he suddenly felt sucker punched, his gut twisting with emotion. The urge to reach out and touch Garret overwhelmed him, just like the man’s scent filled his senses, until all he could think about was asking him to repeat yesterday’s kiss.
Garret’s eyes flickered. “You realize that a lot of what you think and feel bleeds out to me now,” he murmured. “Despite your natural shielding.”
Holden sucked in a breath. “If you know what I’m thinking then just do it, Garret, ‘cause the gods know I can’t yet,” he said in a shaky voice, feeling his heart begin to race.
Garret took the three steps needed to bring their bodies within inches of each other. Holden began to shake a little with fear and anticipation. The first kiss had been a surprise and filled with anger on both sides. This would be their first real kiss. They both acknowledged that they were mates, and that they felt some emotion pulling at them along with a steadily growing attraction. Regardless of the previous kiss, Holden didn’t know what to expect and when Garret’s hand came up to wrap around the back of his neck, he stiffened a little at first. Then fire licked through his veins at the feel of Garret’s warm palm on his bare skin. He shook harder.
“Don’t be afraid, Holden. It’s just a kiss.”
Garret’s soft whisper accompanied the press of his thumb against the underside of Holden’s jaw. Reflexively, he tilted his chin up and Garret’s mouth came down on his. Lust swept through his body as Garret expertly parted his lips. Holden gasped a little opening his mouth wider as Garret’s tongue glided easily against his own, the wet heat sending lightning bolts of desire shooting through him. This time when Garret’s hips brushed his, he didn’t move, letting the man press his growing erection against him. His own cock started to respond, twitching inside his shorts.
Just as Holden was about to let go and kiss Garret back, the British man broke off the kiss on a long shuddering sigh. “I think we need to go downstairs before I forget that you’ve never been with a man before, Holden,” he said in a shaken voice.
Lex Valentine


By Lex Valentine

Tales of the Darkworld Book 2


Black dragon Eden Antaeus is a bad girl. Or so her brother Sean would have her believe. When Sean tells Eden she's the Queen of Kink, someone who can't get off on normal sex, Eden runs straight to the vampire club Carpe Noctem to find someone to have vanilla sex with. What Eden finds is Colin Granville, her brother Declan's new brother in law. Desire burns hot between them despite the lack of surnames and after one night together, they both want more. Getting past the discovery that their siblings are married, Colin teaches Eden that she's not the Queen of Kink and Eden finds a love, and a life, she never expected to have.

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She needed a drink before she contemplated the choice of partners offered by the club’s patrons. As she elbowed herself a space at the end, her nose twitched. The scent of vanilla filled her senses, and her dragon suddenly itched to break free. Holy shit. Who the hell would walk into a social meat market smelling so innocent?
The smell came from her right. She wriggled in the tight quarters, trying to turn. Based on the sweet scent, she expected to see a woman. Instead, she found a tall man with midnight blue eyes smiling down at her.
“You just go right on trying to move,” he quipped. “I’m enjoying it tremendously.”
Eden’s eyes narrowed. Every time she moved, her body rubbed up against his. Her hip dug into his groin and she could feel a slight telltale swelling there. Despite the fact that the man smelled all girly like a sugar cookie, the bulge held promise. She sniffed again. Sweet smelling. Smiling easily. No display of arrogance. A mellow and amused expression, eyes dancing with humor. Beta. He had to be. Her dragon stretched inside her, urging her to take him.
“Oh, really?” She raised one brow and wriggled against him again. The size of the ridge against her hip increased. Oh, yeah. He just might work out after all, she thought as she realized his more than adequate proportions weren’t fully erect yet.
He nodded, his dark blue eyes gleaming as they raked over her from the top of her raven head to the tips of her designer boots. “Of course, we’d both enjoy it a lot more naked in my bed,” he told her candidly.
Eden’s pupils elongated as Blue Eyes roused her dragon. The scent of vanilla intensified.
“You don’t believe in wasting time, I see.” She turned, deliberately rubbing against him, breast to chest. In her boots, she almost matched his height.
He quirked a dark blonde brow at her. “And you do? You can’t tell me that the dragon in you isn’t clawing to get at my cock.”

Lex Valentne



By Lex Valentine

Tales of the Darkworld Book 1

Vampire Elysia Granville gets more than she bargained for when she attends the Undertaker's Ball on Halloween. She's looking for a one night stand, but the man she chooses is Declan Antaeus, a home and hearth black dragon who has had a secret crush on her for years. Can the powerful dragon make the commitment shy vampire extend one night into forever?

She stood, a few feet from the door, wondering why she’d let Marius talk her into this event. He’d been far more insistent than usual and she just got tired of telling him no. She’d been fighting off the onslaught of sexual tension for about as long as Marius had been bugging her to go to this event so she figured that maybe she could kill two birds with one stone and find someone to ease her stress.
Her eyes flicked around the room and landed on a Robin Hood. She recognized him as Roy Salinger, owner of a company that made embalming tables. Newly divorced, about her age, and a vampire like herself, Roy in green tights wasn’t nearly as appealing as in jeans and a polo shirt. She figured it must be the skinny little bird legs. Tights were a tough costume to pull off. Roy hadn’t managed it and she felt a little sorry for him.
Over by the bar, a swarthy Batman did manage to pull off tights. He had nicely muscled legs, a tight ass, a great package, rock hard abs… and a boyfriend dressed as Robin clinging to his arm. Elysia bit back a sigh. Bi-sexual Nestor Garcia had hit on her before, in the years before she’d become engaged to Austin. These days though, his little boyfriend, a cemetery broker named Josh Lloyd, kept him from touching women. Apparently, Josh was all woman… and man. At least enough of each to keep Nestor and his famous Roman hands in line.
Speaking of Romans, Elysia spied some nicely tanned, muscular thighs in a short white toga near the champagne fountain. Brian Dumont, a werewolf on the management team at Antaeus International, stood beside a woman in a pink tutu. As she watched them, trying to remember Brian’s marital status, a tall man in a black robe walked up to them and handed the woman a drink. Easily six foot five, the man towered over everyone in the room. The hood of his Grim Reaper robes obscured his face and from the glint of light on its blade, he held a real scythe.
Elysia’s heart began to pound. Only one man stood that tall—Declan Antaeus, one of the Antaeus brothers who owned Antaeus International, the biggest conglomerate in the Darkworld’s death care industry.
Her attention caught by the black robed figured, she tensed when he turned. Their eyes met. Even across the crowded room, she could see how his gaze flared with heat. As she watched, he cut a path through the crowd toward her, his long fingered hand clutching the scythe. Her stomach clenched and she wondered if everything about him was big…
“Elysia Granville.”
His voice rumbled quietly from the depths of his wide chest. She looked up into his amber eyes and found them to be two golden flames, filled with lust and something else she couldn’t put her finger on.
“Declan Antaeus.”
Her lips curved into a seductive smile. Maybe she would just have to discover the truth of that old adage about big men. Declan was certainly handsome enough. Black hair that shone like a raven’s wing. Golden eyes that glowed as if lit by a fire within. Sun bronzed, supple skin. Beneath the baggy robe, she knew he had a tall and muscular body, the kind that looked best in a faded pair of jeans and a tank top that showed off his biceps.
“Buy me a drink?” she purred, deciding to start as she meant to go on. She was horny. He was hot. Seemed like a match made in heaven to her.
One dark brow winged up. “It’s an open bar. I’ll get you whatever your heart desires,” he told her in a voice filled with innuendo.
Deciding the drink wasn’t necessary; Elysia stopped him from turning away by putting one hand on his arm. He looked back at her with a question in his eyes.
“What if my heart desires something other than a drink? Will you get me that?” Her eyes held his boldly.
Declan’s face became a mask of pure masculine desire. He cupped her elbow, just as he had three years ago at the convention, steering her toward the lobby. Once they were away from the crowd, he pushed back his hood and bent toward her. “Do you know what you’re doing, Elysia? What you’re inviting?” he growled softly.
Elysia smiled at him, reaching up to stroke her fingers over his hard jaw line. His skin felt hot to the touch. Her whole body tingled and she could hear his heart beating, feel the rush of his blood in his veins. She drew in a breath, the scent of his blood tart and crisp in her nostrils, like biting into a Granny Smith apple… Her fangs slid from their sheath as her panties grew damp. Yes, Declan Antaeus was definitely the right choice. Her body already wanted him fiercely. None of the men at the ball would satisfy her now. Besides, backing down after coming on to a man like Declan wasn’t wise because he was easily the most powerful man at the party, both professionally and physically.
“I’m not a child, Declan. I know exactly what I’m doing. Do you need me to spell it out for you?” She tilted her head to one side inquiringly, wondering if he would take her up on her offer or if this was just a game to him.
His lips quirked. “Yeah. Maybe I do. After all, I’ve wanted you for a long time.”
“Good. Then let’s get out of here so you can fuck me.”
His eyebrows shot up at her blunt speech. “So I’m the only one to do the fucking? You’re not going to fuck me?”
Elysia’s lips curved slowly into a smile. “I can if that’s what you’re into. Fingers or dildos?”

Lex Valentine


By Lex Valentine

Coming July 3rd from Cobblestone Press, a twisted fairy tale set in the Darkworld.

Underwear model Max Fever has a problem. He’s just become the Pixie Prince and his inheritance includes big golden wings that won’t let him sleep on his back. Max has to find a soft mattress or spend the rest of his days with a bruised behind. An enigmatic waiter named Marty takes Max to club Carpe Noctem to meet a vampire who has a space foam mattress. Max falls in love with the mattress and its owner, vampire Bliss Wilde. Will the tragic pasts of Bliss’ brother and Max’s best friend become a roadblock to their bonding?

“Yo! Max Fever!”
Max winced slightly at the nickname and went to the head of the line where the bouncer stamped his hand and let him inside. Rock music blared and Max shook his head, not used to his new sensitivity to sound. At least they weren’t playing hip-hop, he thought as he headed toward the bar. All that bass would have killed him.
He found an empty spot at the bar and leaned over, yelling at the bartender, “Gimme a Guinness.”
The barkeep nodded and took down an ale glass. Moments, later a glass of dark chocolate-colored liquid sat in front of Max, the head forming as the stout settled. Max leaned on the bar and looked around at the patrons. Most were vampires, but a lot of other species were represented as well, including humans. He sipped his stout and crowd-watched, his eyes on the look out for Bliss.
“Couldn’t sleep?”
The scent of caramel reached his nose at the exact same moment her smoky voiced words reached his ears. Instantly, his cock reared its head and made its demands known. Surreptitiously, Max rearranged himself so Bliss wouldn’t notice that he was already half hard. Then he turned to face her.
“I tried. I really did.”
She smiled at him sympathetically. Then she tilted her head toward the hidden door. “C’mon upstairs. Bring your drink.”
He followed her through the crowd, wishing there weren’t so many people. He would have liked to watch her ass as he had earlier in the day. She held the door open and he slipped in. She locked it behind them and led the way up the stairs.
Max could have sighed with pleasure. The sight of her taut ass in plain black slacks did something to him. In his head, he had visions of bending her over while his hands stroked over those full curves and his lips teased her neck.
Suppressing a shudder of lust, he stepped into her living room, watching as she tossed her keys onto the coffee table. She walked into the tiny galley kitchen and opened the refrigerator, taking out a bottle of water. She leaned against the stove, sipping the water and looking at him as he took a seat at the breakfast bar.
“I have two brothers. I love them dearly, but sometimes, I can’t live with them,” she said on a sigh. “I escape here when that happens. It’s really no hardship for me if you’d like to sleep here while you’re waiting for your mattress to arrive.”
Max shook his head. “I don’t want to imposition you.” Inside, he was thinking, Fuck, yeah. Let me in your bed, baby. Maybe then I can persuade you to join me there…
Bliss chuckled. “I just told you it wouldn’t be an imposition. I rarely stay here as you can tell by the layer of dust on everything.”
“I’m a stranger. What if I’m some kinda pervert or axe murderer?” He fingered the rim of his glass as he watched her.
She laughed. “I could use a healthy, normal pervert in my life. I get all the drunk, obnoxious perverts who want me to suck their blood.” She grimaced. “And I’ve known Marty a couple of years now. He’s a good judge of character and a good person. He wouldn’t have brought you here if he thought you were dangerous.”
Max pondered her words for a moment. Healthy, normal pervert? Did she mean what he thought she meant by that? Because if she meant that she needed someone to jump her bones, he was definitely her man.
Lex Valentine


By A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly



"Vampires have come "out of the closet" and they're buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels."

Vampires have come “out of the closet” and they’re buying up real estate and running brothels in the City of Angels. Rory isn’t sure how he feels about vampires, and when his best friend begs him to accompany him to a vampire brothel on his birthday so that he can experience what is widely believed to be the sex of his life, Rory tags along reluctantly. There he meets Dennis, a mortal, who is a city inspector responsible for overseeing vampire brothels. There is an immediate attraction and a lucrative job offer to work in the Brothel as an inspector. Unable to turn down the money, Rory accepts both the job and the offer to share Dennis’s bed.

When Rory first sees Carden, he isn’t even sure if he’s real. Extraordinarily beautiful, Rory has no experience with vampires, especially not with one of Carden’s caliber.

Carden is not just any vampire prostitute, working at Eclipse, the hottest vampire brothel in the city, run by a scrupulous vampire named, Blane. He is a Pure Blood, born a vampire, and reputed to be not only capable of bestowing upon his sexual partner the ultimate sexual high, but highly sought after by a group of eccentric millionaires who worship Pure Bloods in the hopes of gaining eternal life. Seeking some semblance of normality years ago, Carden took a mortal as his lover, a mortal whose body has been ravished by AIDS. Dennis is all Carden cares about and so he works for Blane, who exploits Carden’s services for exorbitant fees and has taken Dennis some place Carden can’t find him.

As the sun goes down on Eclipse, the hauntingly beautiful, mysterious Carden and the sweet, fearful Rory will gradually draw closer together, and the evil that permeates the night will close in around them.



By Jesse Fox

Alex Klein, professional photographer, leads a blessed life with a supportive family and longtime lover Harley Scott, a successful PI. However, everything is about to unravel. He found peace in the arms of Harley after suffering from night terrors most of his life. Now the night terrors are back and his new assignment in Seattle may be the cause.

While he struggles to control his fears, back in St. Louis, Harley unravels a secret that could destroy the life they’ve created together. Maggie Reynolds is a convicted murderer, former member of a violent gang that terrorized the West Coast in the 1980’s. She may also be Alex’s birth mother, finally free after 25 years in prison. Positive his lover is in danger Harley heads to Seattle to save him from a mysterious stalker not beyond using murder to get what she wants. Are Maggie and the stalker one and the same?

Sometimes no matter how many lies you weave the past will come back to bite you in the ass. An intricate web of blood and deception, over two decades in the making, has Alex beginning to question his entire identity. Can he free himself from his past before it claims everyone he loves?

Lightning cast an eerie glow along the underbelly of churning clouds that rolled in from the west, looming over the twinkling lights of downtown St. Louis, sheer drapes whipping into a frenzy of twisted fabric in the wind. In the distance, the mournful call of a barge’s horn echoed across the waters of the river as it meandered south to New Orleans in a serpentine path. He slid from the bed and padded naked across the carpeted floor to where the doors stood open. In between the flurry of drapes, he caught a glimpse of a figure standing on the balcony, outlined by the occasional flash of lightning. Cautiously he stepped around the twisting drapes and moved towards the figure on tiptoes, lurching forward to wrap his arms around it in a bear hug.
“You think you’re funny—don’t you?”
Harley leaned in to tug on his lover’s earlobe mischievously with his teeth and whispered in his ear, “Nope.” He sighed softly and left a trail of damp kisses down the other man’s throat and back to his ear, to whisper again, “Couldn’t sleep, Alex?”
Turning into his embrace, Alex smiled up at him. “I never can during storms,” he confessed, dark eyebrows drawn together in a frown over haunted eyes the color of burnished walnut.
Playful light filled Harley’s gaze as he leaned forward until their noses were brushing and they were breathing one another’s air. “I’m sure we can think of something to occupy your time and wear you out.”
“Not now.” Alex snorted and pressed a quick kiss to Harley’s cheek before turning back to retrieve his favorite camera from the ledge—an EOS Rebel XSi. “You know I have to be up early for my flight to Seattle.”
Sighing in frustration, Harley brushed his fingers through his bristle of dishwater blonde hair, blue-green eyes lifting to the stormy sky. “Shame, because I always wanted to fuck you in a rain storm.”
Another snort escaped Alex as he lifted his camera, honing in on the shimmer of the Gateway Arch in the distance, lightning refracting off its stainless steel skin in an opalescent glow. Hands firm and steady despite the roll of thunder and the increasing wind, he snapped a picture, catching the eerie luminescence on the huge landmark. “Where and when don’t you want to do that, you horny toad?”
Harley wrapped his arms around Alex’s waist, buried his nose in his thick brunette locks, and inhaled the spicy scent of sandalwood, hands caressing Alex’s bare stomach. His fingers tickled just above the elastic band of Alex’s pajama pants. “You do realize that if you screw a toad you get a prince.”
A chuckle reverberated through Alex’s chest as he snapped another picture. “That’s kissing, not fucking, pain in my ass. I doubt the innocent princess would have hiked her skirts for a quick bone with a toad anyway.” He paused, sucking in a deep breath as Harley’s fingers slid beneath his waistband, teasing along the edge of his hip. “Harley…” Breath with an edge of warning hissed from between his lips.
“What?” Harley purred into his ear, nipping gently along its curve, down to suck at the spot of flesh just behind.
“Seattle.” He moaned deep in his throat as the questing fingers slid lower to curl around his half-hard cock.


Monday, June 29, 2009


By Carol Lynne

Charter Captain Bobby Quinn loves life on the water. What he hates is working for his brother. After years spent restoring an aging wooden yacht, his brother bought it out from under him. In Bobby’s mind, if family will screw you at the drop of a hat so will everyone else so. Except for his bi-weekly poker game, he sticks to the solitude of the boat he loves.

Dr. Jules Peters knows all about solitude. When not working endless hours as Head of Emergency Medicine, he’s tinkering in his garage. A collector of vintage cars in need of TLC, Jules has an impressive collection of cars but few friends.

Jules meets Bobby when he’s given a cruise around the San Francisco Bay as a gift. Although their mutual attraction is explosive, neither man is ready to move out of his comfort zone. It might take a meddling med student and an off-season football coach to get these two loners to see there’s more to life than caring for inanimate objects.

By the time Bobby arrived for Saturday night poker, he was starving, as usual. He lifted a small grocery sack out of the back of his Jeep and ran up the steps. It had been a brutal couple of days, and he was ready for a bit of fun.
Turning the door handle, Bobby walked into Zac’s house as he always had and stopped short. “Oops.”
Zac quickly pulled his hand out of the front of Eric’s pants. “Don’t you know how to knock?”
Bobby shrugged. “Sorry, I forgot you actually had a social life now. It won’t happen again.”
Grocery sack in hand, Bobby retreated to the kitchen to give the two love birds some privacy. He heard Zac chuckle at something Eric must’ve said, seconds before Eric’s cute face peered around the corner.
“I’ve got to head in to the hospital. Don’t take all his money,” Eric informed Bobby.
Bobby paused in opening the cookies to laugh. “Easier said than done. Zac sucks at poker.”
“I do not,” Zac protested, wrapping his arms around Eric.
Eric rolled his eyes and turned his head to give Zac another kiss. “You kinda do, babe, but I love you anyway.”
The remark earned Eric a nipple twist. “Ouch.”
“I’ll kiss it better later. What time will you be home?” Zac asked.
“Not ’til morning. I’m covering for someone. I’ll make sure and wake you when I get in.”
“You’d better.” Zac gave Eric one last kiss before the smaller man left.
Turning to Bobby, Zac put his hands on his hips. “So why are you here so early?”
Bobby opened the package of chocolate chip cookies and stuffed one into his mouth. “I’m not that early.”
Zac seemed to study him for several moments. “Something going on?”
God, where did he start? “No.”
Not only had he spent the last two days thinking of Jules and the feel of the man’s cock in his hand, but he was due to have lunch at his parents’ house the following day. When his mom had phoned, Bobby readily agreed. It wasn’t until after he’d told her he’d be there that she informed him Brad and his family would also be in attendance. Sitting across the table from Brad would be pure torture, as usual.
"Have you talked to Jules since we fixed his car?”
Bobby popped another cookie into his mouth in lieu of answering.
“Bobby? What’s going on?”
“Nothing. Man, what’s with the twenty questions?” Bobby tossed the sleeve of cookies on the counter and walked towards the living room.
He was saved from further probing when Marco burst into the house, filthy as usual.
“Hey,” Marco greeted. He held up a change of clothes and gestured to the bathroom. “You mind?”
Zac rolled his eyes. “You know the rules.”
“Yeah, yeah, clean the bathtub when I’m finished.” Marco strode into the bathroom and closed the door.
“Why do you let him do that?” Bobby asked.
“Same reason I let you come over and get crumbs all over my floor. You’re family.”
“Aahhh.” Bobby walked over and gave Zac a kiss on the cheek. “You’re so sweet. Of course that doesn’t mean I’m going easy on ya. I’ll still take your money.”
“You wouldn’t be my Bobby if you didn’t.”
Bobby took off his shoes and stretched out on the couch. He heard the shower turn on as he reached for the remote. Marco hadn’t been around much in recent months. Besides their semi-monthly poker games, Bobby hadn’t even heard from him.
“Kent still have Marco working down south?” he asked.
Zac paused in the act of putting the leaf in the table. “I don’t know. I haven’t talked to him in awhile.”
“Me neither. You think he’s got another sugar daddy he’s been spending time with?”
Zac finished with the table and walked into the living room. “Your guess is as good as mine. But between you and me, I hope not. Things between him and Kent are tense enough as it is. You know how he gets when Marco is seeing someone.”
“Yeah, well the problem is Marco never brings any of them here. Maybe if he didn’t sneak around so much, it wouldn’t bother Kent to the extent that it does.”
“I doubt it. Kent wouldn’t be happy regardless.”
“He loves Marco,” Bobby reminded Zac.
“Of course he does. The problem is he also can’t stand him.”
“Who can’t stand who?” Marco asked, walking out of the bathroom, his hair still dripping water on his bare chest.
“No one,” Bobby quickly covered.
Trying to think fast, he came up with a plausible excuse for what Marco had overheard. “We were talking about Brad.”
Marco made a face. “Sorry, man, but your brother’s a pretentious asshole.”
“Don’t I know it. And lucky me gets to have lunch with him and his perfect little family at my parents’ in less than eighteen hours.”
“Ooh, you have my sympathies.” Marco wandered back into the bathroom and closed the door.
Zac’s eyebrow rose. “Good save.”
“Yeah, luckily my life is fucked up enough I can always come up with shit like that.” Bobby closed his eyes and clasped his hands together, letting them rest on his chest. He wasn’t tired, he just couldn’t take Zac’s piercing gaze any longer.
“You like him, don’t you?” Zac asked after several moments.
“Who?” Bobby asked without opening his eyes.
“You know who I’m talking about.”
“His house reminds me of Brad’s.”
Bobby shrugged. “I don’t fit into that world.”
“Bullshit, you grew up in a house twice the size of Brad’s.”
“And I was booted out the day I graduated from high school.”
Bobby opened his eyes. “In my experience, people with money are only interested in two things. How to earn more of it, and their public image. I don’t exactly fit into either category.”
“You are so full of shit. You and I both know you have the face and body of a fucking Adonis, it’s your mouth that gets you in trouble.”

Carol Lynne...get your feet wet
...you've been branded http://www.cattlevalley.net/



By Carol Lynne


Suffocation, mutilation and dismemberment aren’t the normal outside influences that bring two people together, but inside the newly refurbished Alcatraz Prison, anything can happen.

Inmates begin dying in shocking and sometimes gruesome ways. The deaths prompt Warden Jensen Black to bring in sexy parapsychologist, Brian Phipps. With the help of Brian, Jensen hopes to get to the bottom of what is killing the men he is responsible for. What he didn’t count on is falling and falling hard for the smaller man with the heart of a lion.

The attraction between the two men is instantaneous, but before they could fully explore the depths of their passion, the ghosts set their sites on Brian. As their relationship begins to heat up, the danger escalates, leaving both men to wonder if they’ll ever make it off Alcatraz alive.



The year is 2020 and the world is under a threat more dangerous than all the murderers and rapists combined. National treasuries are being depleted, military secrets stolen, and the global banking system is under constant attack. The threat of cybercrime has forced governments around the world to unite, forming the World Police Unit, or WPU. Deciding it best to keep the genius, but criminal, minds in one place, the countries involved reach a decision. Billions of dollars are spent rebuilding the one prison all men are afraid of…Alcatraz.

Chapter One
“Hello?” Jensen Black answered the phone.
“Warden, we’ve found another one.”
“Shit. Call WPU. I’ll be there in ten.” Jensen threw off the covers and glanced at the clock. Three thirty. “Of course.” He automatically touched the USMC flag he had attached to the bedroom wall as he headed to the bathroom.
He dressed and left his home. Located only three hundred yards from the newly remodeled prison, his home wasn’t luxurious but it had an awesome commute. He crossed the courtyard and showed his credentials to the guards on duty. Stepping into the long corridor, Jensen looked from side to side. If the rooms weren’t dark, he knew he’d be able to see the entire cell block in one glance. Made of two-inch-thick acrylic, every wall in the prison itself was see-through.
With Alcatraz now housing the most dangerous economic and cybercriminals in the world, governments refused to take chances. The prisoners were given absolutely no privacy at any time. The cells were transparent, and everything contained within those small ten-by-ten-foot walls of acrylic were the same, beds, toilets, sinks. It was no longer possible to hide even the smallest microchip. Each prisoner was given a single blanket and an inflatable, clear plastic pillow.
As he climbed the stairs to the guard station, Jeff, the guard in charge of the night watch, ran up to him. “Cell Block D this time.”
“Prisoner?” Jensen asked, following Jeff at a fast clip. He absentmindedly reached to his front pocket for a cigarette. Crap. He pushed the craving down. What the hell had he been thinking trying to quit the nasty habit with all the shit that had been going down?
Jeff looked at the digital display in his hand and began reading the prisoner’s stats. “Marvin Grimes, prisoner 1597832. Found guilty of draining more than a billion dollars from Germany’s defense funds.” Jeff tried to keep up with Jensen. “Sir? I think we should move the prisoners out of the immediate area until a cleaning crew can come in.”
Jensen’s steps faltered. This was the seventeenth prisoner found dead since Alcatraz had reopened its doors. They’d never before moved prisoners. Something in the guard’s tone told Jensen Marvin Grimes’s death wasn’t like the others. “Why?”
Jeff wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. “I think you’ll know once we get there. I was unable to get a visual on the prisoner.”
More confused than ever, Jensen followed the guard down the stairs and took a left. The hallways were lit by underfloor lighting so the guards could do their jobs without disturbing the sleeping prisoners. Jeff unclipped the flashlight from his belt as they neared Grimes’s cell.
Jensen took the flashlight from Jeff and pointed it into the acrylic box. No wonder Jeff hadn’t made a visual on the body. The outer wall was covered from floor to ceiling in what appeared to be blood.
Swallowing the bile rising in his throat, Jensen stepped toward the cell next door and tried to see through the side wall. He was able to make out a few bits and pieces that he guessed were once the prisoner, but there was nothing that resembled a body. “Did you get an ETA from the WPU?”
“They’re choppering in. Should be here any minute.”
The World Police Unit had been the united governments’ first line of defense. They, above all other law enforcement agencies, had been given global domain to track down and punish cybercriminals.
Jensen handed Jeff back the flashlight and left the area. “Do we have any empty cells?”
“A few.”
“Move the prisoners immediately across and to the side of Grimes’s cell. We’ll curtain off the area if we need to, so the prisoners can’t see the carnage.” Jensen walked faster. He needed to get into his office before he made a fool of himself by throwing up in front of the guard.

Carol Lynne...get your feet wet


...you've been branded http://www.cattlevalley.net/


Saturday, June 27, 2009


By Amanda Young

Caleb has worked hard to get where he’s at in life. Recently offered tenure at the college where he works, Caleb has let his personal life slide in favor of impressing the powers that be. Now that a much-needed summer vacation is finally at hand, Caleb fears his long hours may have been detrimental to his long-time partner’s happiness.

An appreciative eye for the male form is perfectly natural, but Zaki’s preoccupation with other men is cause for concern. Even though Caleb trusts his lover, he’s suspicious of Zaki’s motives. While Caleb isn’t above a little recreational sex by mutual consent, he wouldn’t be able to forgive Zaki for screwing around behind his back. His only hope is to turn back the tide of discontent before it’s too late...

...Caleb unlocked his office and pushed through the doorway, his mind racing with all the last-minute things he could do to make the night memorable . He wasn't sure if they had the snickerdoodle-scented massage oil Zaki favored, but a quick stop on the way home would fix that. Maybe while he was out, he'd pick up a few DVDs for later inspiration.

Sitting at his desk, Caleb noticed the message light flashing on the phone. Although tempted to ignore it in favor of hustling through his work, his sense of responsibility wouldn't allow him to dismiss the message. Very few people outside the administration called him on his work line, so it was probably important. He just hoped the call didn't involve someone trying to talk him into staying on staff over the summer.

After punching in his access code, Caleb lifted the receiver to his ear. His lover's voice echoed through the line.

"Hello, love. I know you're hard at work right now, but I need you to meet me at Henley's pub after work. See you soon."

Confused, Caleb reached into his pocket for his cell phone, wondering why Zaki hadn't used the mobile number to call him. A brief recollection of hooking up his phone to the charger the night before, and walking out without it that morning, stilled his hand. Sometimes he truly felt like he was getting senile.

Caleb replaced the receiver and wondered what Zaki was up to. He couldn't remember the last time they'd gone to Henley's during the week. Briar Henley, the owner, was a good friend of theirs, but he'd be busy working the bar. Zaki would be bored out of his mind in no time flat if he had to wait around to chat with Briar. Of course, there was always the chance Zaki wanted to kick off the summer with a few drinks. Zaki, however, wasn't much of a drinker. He possessed almost no tolerance for alcohol. Two beers and he was buzzing…three and he was drunk.

If drinking was Zaki's intention, Caleb hoped his lover would wait for him to arrive before he indulged. Lowered inhibitions, added to Zaki's insatiable need to flirt, would lead to no good.
His thoughts shifted to the playful side of Zaki. The man had a way of turning even the slightest innuendo into something filthy and utterly delicious when he was playing the coquette. While this was one of the things Caleb loved about him, Zaki's behavior sometimes made it hard for Caleb to tell when he was serious and when he was just screwing around.

Caleb wasn't the jealous sort, and he trusted his lover, but Zaki had been acting a little strange lately…even for him. Almost secretive. For the last month or so, Zaki had gone out of his way to point out hot guys whenever they went out together. Not only would he mention other men, but also question Caleb's opinion on each person and make lewd suggestions about what they could do to each of them. Not that a threesome was unknown in the relationship. They'd engaged in threesomes in the past. But it had been some time since they'd been so adventurous. Years, in fact.

Caleb was beginning to wonder if Zaki's preoccupation went beyond the threesome arrangement. It seemed as if his partner was becoming downright obsessed with other men. Perhaps he was wandering outside their relationship. Caleb had nothing against playing—he'd always believed their relationship was strong enough to overcome a little extracurricular activity, as long as it was mutual. But Caleb wasn't sure he could forgive Zaki if the man cheated on him. It wasn't a matter of sex, so much as trust.

As he turned his attention to the papers in his briefcase, Caleb hoped he would never have to make the kind of decision that came with a cheating partner. He didn't want to contemplate what his life would be like without Zaki...


By Claire Thompson

M/M/M BDSM ménage a trios. – one Dom, two subs, three hearts

Ethan and Cam met the year before at an underground BDSM club and their connection was intense and immediate. There was just one small problem—they're both subs. To work around this, they agree to find their own Doms for play, engaging in hot scenes complete with whips and chains, but leaving their heartsat home. The setup works fine, until the day Maestro enters the picture. For the first time since falling head over feet for Cam, Ethan's attraction to another man goes beyond play and he knows he's in trouble. For the first time in their nearly year-long relationship, Ethan finds himself keeping secrets.

Maestro, whose real name is Andrew, has secrets of his own. After fifteen years of harboring an unrequited lust for the boy he'd been to high school with, Andrew manages to track down Ethan Wise without revealing at first who he is. He'd hoped by finally meeting and sharing a scene with the guy, he'd get him outof his system once and for all, as reality never lives up to teenage dreams. He's stunned by the intensity of their connection and finds lust melting rapidly into something more.

When Ethan confides in Cam about his confused desire for another man, it is Cam who comes up with idea of meeting the man who would steal his lover's heart. He hopes when Andrew sees them together, he'll understand the depths of their love, and step aside.

Instead, Andrew talks the two lovers into joining him in a three-way scene at their favorite BDSM club. Cam agrees out of curiosity as much as anything. He's completely unprepared for his own strong and immediate reaction to the Dom, who exerts an undeniable sensual control over both subs. As the scene intensifies, Ethan and Cam find themselves falling deeper under Andrew's dominant spell, leaving them both breathless and desperate for more.

Can two subs submit to a man who would claim not only their bodies, but their hearts and minds? Or will the intensity of a D/s ménage break their world apart.

Claire Thompson



By Jaxx Sttele

Mitchell Donavan had a fantasy that refused to leave his imagination, but even if he had a current lover, he didn’t think he could bring it to life. There would be nothing worse than to be feening for something you tried once and had no way to satisfy your thirst for it again…or was there a way?


By Jaxx Steele

Gregorio Santos was not like his co-workers. They rushed to the warm temperatures and the white sand beaches of the Caribbean for vacation while he preferred the white cold of the ski slopes. Greg is single and determined to remain that way--despite his loneliness. While on vacation at Lake Tahoe, an accident strands the sexiest man he had met in years at his cabin. Will his resolve to stays single out last being trapped with a man that gives the term 'bring sexy back' new meaning?

Dreams Delivered 2
Simon Woo came into his fortune early in life and had single-hood forced upon him to protect the company's image. He had returned home to America for meetings, after living in Hong Kong for the last five years and reconnected with his childhood friend Benji. Although Simon and Benji haven't seen each other but once in those five years, Benji always knew what his friend Simon needed...and his friend needed some stress relief.

Jaxx Steele

Friday, June 26, 2009


by Dee Dawning

Is handsome, young Bobby Kramer a dream or a nightmare?

Thrust into her life one night, by peculiar circumstances, Loretta Bishop, seventeen years Bobby’s senior, has been tasked with taking the shy, modest pretty boy under her wing and turning him into a lady’s man.

Free spirited and sexually adventurous, Loretta is eminently qualified to teach him the elements of pursuit, seduction and how to please women.

At first, being with Bobby seems like a dream, but clouds begin to gather from Loretta’s spotty sometime sordid past. Feeling guilt after Bobby asks to marry her, Loretta is no longer able to continue and runs away.

Now, it’s up to Bobby to put the methods Loretta has taught him to practical use. Will he succeed and parlay his new talents into love, wealth and power?

Sexy Adult Excerpt

I woke up at dawn.
My own personal rooster, Bobby, woke me with his boner poking me in the ass. I rolled over to look at him. He was still sleeping so I couldn't see his beautiful, cornflower blue eyes, but I could sure see the rest of his handsome face. His cheeks were high, his jaw square and his nose straight. He had a smile on his dreamy thin lips, and his sandy blond hair was messed up.
What the fuck was his wife thinking? A casino manager? Are you kidding me? I'll bet there's a revolving door into his bedroom.
I could understand if a girl who married young felt like she missed out on a few things and maybe wanted to see what she missed from a stud on the side, but to dump him and move out. Bobby was a catch.
Bobby opened his eyes. I watched recognition wash across his face. He smiled and said, "Hi. I guess it wasn't a dream."
I must have looked confused, because he continued. "Last night was so wonderful, it had to be a dream. It wasn't though. You're real, and what happened last night was real."
"It was real all right, and you are a great lover." I took hold of his erection. "Look at this. You certainly have no problem getting hard."
Bobby grew melancholy and was suddenly more interested in my boobs than my eyes. "Not with you, I don't. But you don't think my penis is ugly."
I was surprised. "It's not. Did your wife say it was ugly?"
Still not looking at me, he nodded. "Indirectly," he said.
I started stroking him, but he was already hard and I was wet, so I lifted my leg over his hip and snuggled up to him, inserting his ripe reamer into my waiting, slick pussy. We both inhaled sharply as it slid in, and he began stroking me slowly, enough to keep me on edge but still carry on our conversation. Riding him as if I were in a saddle, I said, "You know, I enjoy this as much as you, maybe even more because you're gorgeous and I'm not."
"What're yo-"
I put a hand over his mouth. "I will not have you arguing with me. I'm the teacher and you're the pupil. Now, lesson number one. Women want and enjoy sex as much as you do. Okay?"
He nodded.
"And women don't think cocks are ugly. At least normal women don't. Tell me something Bobby. When you see a woman's breasts, do they turn you on?"
He nodded.
"How about a nice ass?"
"How about a sexy pair of legs, a pretty face, her lips, hair, belly buttons, her mound, her cunt?"
"Yes, yes, yes." Bobby reached for me, grabbing me tightly. His tongue laved around my nipple, sending a new thrill through me. He stiffened as if something hurt, but I knew it was the opposite. Bobby was having an orgasm. He thrust this pelvis into mine, trying to get every little millimeter of him inside me. He groaned loudly, and I could feel his thick cock pulsating as his precious seed squirted deep inside me.
"All of those things. It all turns me on," he screeched out when he'd caught his breath. I held him tightly and didn't let go. Right then I felt like the luckiest woman in the world.

* * * *

After I recovered from the effects of my spontaneous climax, Loretta continued her carnal tutelage. I don't think she knew just how sexy she was. No, she wasn't beautiful. Attractive at best, but she was so sexy. She wasn't blessed with spectacular equipment, but what she had wasn't bad. She loved sex, and she knew how to use the tools she'd been given to perfection. And now this sexy creature was teaching me all the little tricks.
"Bobby, remember. When it comes to sex, men are not unique. Women are no different than men. Now, I'm not going to tell you a cock or a pussy is a thing of beauty. It's what a cock or pussy can do, which makes it beautiful. The intimation of carnal pleasures it can perform. Real women thrill in the sight of a nice-looking naked male, especially his cock."
She looked at me oddly, as if I looked confused. "Am I making sense?"
I nodded.
"Good, to give you an example. Sitting in front of me naked as you are, I have trouble concentrating on what I'm saying. My eyes keep drifting down to your flaccid cock and I want to hold it and make it hard-to suck on it."
It didn't sound like a bad idea to me, so I said, "Why don't you then? Make it part of my lesson." I flashed what I thought was a naughty smile and winked.
She laughed. I loved her laugh. "Good Lord. We'd never get anything done if we stopped every time I had an urge to fuck you."
"Maybe we should get dressed, so you won't be distracted, then," I volunteered, tongue-in-cheek.
She smiled and shook her head. "The next lesson is you learning how to drive me-hence all women-crazy. However, for now, donning a couple robes wouldn't hurt."
She got up and glided to her closet. I liked watching her walk naked-the way her buns give a friendly wiggle as her weight switched from one leg to the other. "You are going to be my creation. My work of art. A stud who knows how to deliver the goods," she said, returning wearing a robe. She stopped at the foot of the bed and threw me a pink robe with white marabou trim. "I'm actually doing all the girls you're going to lay a favor, you know?"
"Why's that?"
"Because, when I get finished, you'll be one of the greatest lovers they've ever had."

Dee Dawning

Thursday, June 25, 2009


by Zena Wynn


When Nina Wallace receives an email from an old lover apologizing for his behavior during their relationship four years earlier, it sets off a storm of emotions. Can she really forgive him for his mistreatment of her? If she does, will she give him another chance?

One woman's story of love, betrayal, and ultimately, forgiveness.

Based on a true story.


I gazed at the email, sorely tempted to hit delete, but curiosity wouldn’t allow me to do so. Cautiously, hesitantly, I double clicked on the message to open it.

Nina, I’ve been dreaming about you for the last three weeks. I know I let you down. I just wanted to tell you how sorry I am for the way I treated you. I miss you and the times we spent together. I was wrong. I know we can’t go back, but I really miss having you in my life. If you every need me for anything, if there’s ever anything I can do for you, just ask and it’s yours.


I read the email another time. I knew this man. The message was simple and straightforward, but there was another message between the lines and it asked a question: Is there a chance we could start over? Can I fix the mistake I made by letting you go?

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Volume One
by Myristica

Private investigator Kevin Laredo lost his wife and children to vengeful and corrupt cops. For the past three years he's not been able to look at another woman, let alone date, but when Vic Turner comes into his life, suddenly Kevin's heart comes alive again. Both share a past that connects them, but when Kevin brings Vic into his private investigative team, another member, Jonathan Palomino, is unnerved by the incredible resemblance Vic holds to his deceased lover, Andrew Shields.

When Vic is called on by the team to go undercover to investigate a missing person, Kevin vehemently refuses, causing conflict between him and Vic. Are Kevin's feelings for Vic going beyond that of a good friend and is that why he's becoming so overprotective?

To make matters worse, multi-million dollar mogul Thomas Hampton, the vampire who caused Andrew's death, comes back into Jonathan's life to seek his aid in recapturing the Black Tigress, a rogue vampire shape-shifter, who escaped her prison. Arina is out to destroy Hampton for betraying her four hundred years before and she will stop at nothing until she's brought Hampton down one peg at a time, including committing murders that could end up exposing all beings hiding on earth from other dimensions and possibly causing a modern day Inquisition. To keep Jonathan from bolting from the request to help, Hampton marks Vic to use his life and soul as hostage.

For more information about Myristica's books, both current and forthcoming, as well as pondering spiritual paths, check out the following links:
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The Thrilling Adventure of the Drone Vampire Chronicles Continues with Book Two


by Stephani Hecht


Ever since being released from the paranormal prison that served as his home for ten years, all Dante wanted to do was pick up the pieces of his shattered life. Once one the most respected vampires, he now is a shell of what he used to be, both emotionally and socially. Taking shelter with a rebel band of Drone Vampires, he has given up any hope of true happiness.

Then when he least expects it, he finds himself drawn to another vampire. Young and innocent to his dark desires, it’s the last male Dante ever thought he would want. Not wanting to corrupt another, he tries to deny his true feelings. Then after a few stolen taboo touches, Dante can no longer fight the urge to claim his mate.

Glaring at the restrains, Brenden remembered all the times Dante had made it plain he hated the damn things. Wanting to save him from having to wake up to them if only this one time, he started to unbuckle them. He just made sure to do it quickly before Dahlia could come back in and stop him.
The skin on Dante’s wrists was red where the cuffs had been and Brenden couldn’t resist rubbing the area in an effort to sooth it. After he was done with the hands, he moved to the end of the bed to release his ankles. As soon as he undid the last buckle, he turned to look one last time. Just as he was twisting around, Dante launched from the bed with a vampire speed.
Even if Brenden had wanted to fight back, he wouldn’t have stood a chance. Dante was way too strong and quick. Before he had a chance to fully realize what was going on, Brenden found himself pinned to the wall. Dante had a hand fisted in the front of his shirt and their faces were only inches apart.
“What in the hell do you think you’re doing?” Dante asked, his voice harsh and raw.
“I know you hate the restraints so I thought I would get rid of them for you.” Stupidly, Brenden was torn between fear and ball-numbing desire. While he should have been thinking of a way to escape before Dante tore him apart, all he could think about was how good it felt to have the male’s body pressed against him.
“I’m not talking about the goddamn restraints.” Dante gave a malicious smile that showed off his huge fangs.
Brenden felt his own incisors grow in response. “I was just checking your injuries.” The lie sounded weak to his ears.
“Bullshit.” Dante leaned in even closer and his breath fanned over Brenden’s neck.
“Fuck,” Brenden whispered as his cock grew so hard it hurt. His hands shot out and grabbed two fistfuls of Dante’s shirt, but it wasn’t to push him away, it was to bring him closer.
“Am I scaring you?” Dante’s tongue darted to lick ever so briefly.
Brenden shuddered in response. “No.”
“Then why are you trembling?” Dante leaned in closer and his pelvis bumped against Brenden’s erection.
Brenden closed his eyes with an embarrassed groan. So much for keeping his little fledlging-like crush secret. His dick just announced it for him.


The Thrilling Adventure of the Drone Vampire Chronicles Continues with Book Three
by Stephani Hecht

Born to a witch mother, Rafe always knew he had to keep that fact a secret. For if it were discovered by his fellow vampires, it would not only make him an outcast, but could very well be his death warrant. As long as history has been recorded witches and vampires have been mortal enemies and never once had a halfling been allowed to live.

His entire world was turned upside down when a witch called Morgan manages, against all odds, to weasel her way into his vampire clan. For months she threatens to expose him unless he agrees to go back to her coven to meet his mother, but Rafe is able to hold her at bay while still keeping his secret. He also manages to fight the ever growing desire he feels for the small slip of a witch.

Then one day a warlock named Dominic shows up, claiming that Rafe is the key to saving the world. Even though Rafe wants to deny the stranger’s claims, events and signs all show he’s not lying. Finally Rafe knows he can no longer deny the truth, nor can he deny his desire to possess Morgan—and Dominic.
Dominic reached over and cupped Rafe's chin and, for some insane reason, he allowed it. Their gazes locked and there was no missing the smoky desire in the warlock's eyes. Their lips were just inches apart. So close that Rafe could smell the mint on his breath, feel the warmth of the male's strong body.
Rafe knew he should pull back. That if they went down this path there would be no turning back. Yet he couldn't do it. If the entire world had started to go up into flames, he still would not have been able to leave the comfort of Dominic's touch.
“Have you ever kissed another man?” Dominic grabbed Rafe by the nape of the neck, holding onto him like a predator would its prey.
“A couple of times, but that was a long time ago.” Rafe's cock strained against his uniform pants and it was all he could do not to thrust forward to rub against Dominic.
“After tonight, the only one you will kiss besides me is Morgan. Do you understand?”
Normally Rafe would have chaffed at anyone giving him an order like that, but coming from Dominic, it made perfect sense. Nodding his consent, Rafe tilted his head back and parted his lips. Closing his eyes, he did something he hadn't done in over a decade, gave complete and total control over to someone else.
Dominic's moan of desire filled his ears before the warlock captured Rafe's mouth in a hot kiss. It was hard, demanding, as if he wanted the whole world to know he was claiming Rafe as his.
“I never realized how hot it would be to see you two locking lips,” Morgan gasped.
Rafe jumped when he felt her soft hands caressing his back. He started to return the kiss in earnest, his tongue delving into the male's mouth to touch, stroke and tease. There was a dark wild flavor to him and Rafe's fangs grew as he imagined how exotic his blood would taste. Morgan continued to run her hands over him, her fingers drifting down to his cock. He sucked in a breath when she gave him a gentle squeeze.
“I have waited so long to see the two of you together,” she cooed into his ear. “Since the time I first saw you, I knew we were all meant to be together.”
Strange, Rafe didn't have a problem with that anymore. He groaned his acceptance as he plunged his fingers into Dominic's hair and continued to kiss him. A metal rasping sound filled the air as Morgan unzipped Rafe's pants and reached in to grab his cock.
“We're out in the open, someone can see us,” Rafe protested weakly against Dominic's lips. Dominic responded by walking forward, making Rafe backpedal until they were in a narrow alley separating a closed liquor store and an ice cream parlor. Rafe's back slammed into a brick wall, before Dominic returned to his mouth.
Morgan followed and reached inside to start stroking him again.
Rafe sucked in a breath when she trailed her finger along the tip.
“Dominic, you should see how big he is.” She swiped up some pre-cum and offered her finger to the warlock. He broke away from the kiss so he could suck it clean.